Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: inFamous - Second Son

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

inFamous has to be one of my favorite titles of the previous generation (That feels weird to say). I still have copies of the previous two and have no intention of getting rid of them as I hope to let my son play them when he's old enough. This game was the main reason why I begged, pleaded and grovelled at my wife to allow myself to buy a PS4. So you can imagine that no matter how hard I tried to stop myself from getting hyped, it was pretty much an impossible mission.

Thankfully for the most inFamous Second Son does not disappoint and lives up to the hype that was created in my mind. From a purely visual standpoint this has to be the game that shows off what the new generation of consoles can do. Facial animation is a thing of beauty and you watch these character give performances as good as some actors. The city of Seattle is beautiful and makes me want to visit the place in real life. Finally the powers themselves look spectacular and really urge you to try them all out.

Thankfully the visuals are backed up by some solid game play. If you've played the previous games it's pretty much the same and you should feel right at home, but this does mean that those that were turned off by previous inFamous won't find anything new to keep them hooked. Also while I like the controls there wasn't really anything about it that felt fresh and some of the same problems I had in the first games are still there. A spray paint mini game is the only things that is really different and honestly is only there to show off what the control can do.

I also had a problem with the bosses in the game. They seem to rapidly spike in difficulty and do feel a little bit like just throwing the players into the molten lava. Also some of the more powerful standard enemies come across as bullet sponges rather than introducing a challenge that needs for new skills to be learnt. It's a shame, but despite problem I still had fun.

But while some play mechanics might annoy, the main story is what will drive you onwards. The relationship between Delsin and his brother Reggie is well realized; and thanks to the visual upgrade, can be rather subtle sometimes. Side characters are interesting if born from cliche, and the main villain is a real piece of work. She is probably one of the better villains to grace video games in a while as her reasons are very well fleshed out.

However other than the main story, the side activities don't offer much. I'm a slow player, not the best around and I still blew through the side activities in about three hours. The main story was probably another 3 or 4 hours. Overall that's not alot for the amount you will be paying. I was into the double digits when it came to inFamous 2, and I still didn't complete all the side activities. This is without a doubt the games biggest disappointment.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, and like the other two games, I will keep this copy. Visually and story wise it delivers, it's just far too short and they haven't really refined the controls at all. It does worry me that with the latest lot of consoles, visuals might be concentrated on to the detriment of the depth of game. However if you see inFamous Second Son discounted, I would take the plunge as there is some good stuff to find.

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