Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: The Disco Exorcist (2011)

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Director: Richard Griffin
Starring: Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin & Ruth Sullivan 
Writers: Ted Geoghegan & Tony Nunes

First scene of this movie we get a strip tease as a man is murdered by a voodoo doll. Along with the grainy feel and low quality of the film you know they are heading head long into exploitation territory. This beginning along with the poster I saw promised me a stupid good time.

Then the fucking began. Scene after scene of soft core porn and nothing even remotely featuring horror. We get some demonic possession once we reach the porn studio but honestly this movie just wants to show boobs. It's just a few angles and misplaced sheets from becoming a full blown porno.

I guess this is what exploitation is all about but I'm not going to give it any lee way when it's professing itself  as a horror/comedy. Personally I think that most movies that try and ape the style of exploitation movies forget to actually give us a movie. The Disco Exorcist falls into this trap.

On a positive side of things Michael Reed as Rex Romanski is a very likeable lead and does ooze charisma. I'm sure he wasn't averse to all the sex scenes. There are also some funny lines and when the movie becomes focused the comedy isn't half bad. Still this is all few a far between.

Take away all the sex and you are left with nothing. The makers got too caught up with the exploitation aspects of The Disco Exorcist that they forgot to put an actually movie in. Oh and one last thing. The damn movie poster lied, Rex isn't a priest. DAMN IT!

0.5 disco balls out of 1
I did laugh a few times.
0 disco balls out of 1
Unless they had stage direction for the fucking scenes i'm not sure there was much of a script.
0.5 disco balls out of 1
Michael Reed is pretty damn good in this.
0 disco balls out of 1
No real style in the way it was directed at all.
0.5 disco balls out of 1
They made it look like a movie from the 70's. 

1.5 disco balls out of 5
Not a hell of a lot to recommend here.

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