Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: DayZ Early Access Edition (2013)

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Reviewing DayZ was a tough one for me. It's in early access and not a finished product yet. Should I just write a blog entry? A Get Ranty VLog? In the end I went for a review because if it's willing to charge money to get early access then certainly I should write a review to perhaps help people not sure if they should throw caution to the wind and grab it now.

Now I myself would never normally buy an early access game. But DayZ was something I wanted to try since it was only a mod for Arma 3. Thankfully due to some fortuitous steam badge crafting, I got an item someone wanted and so a trade was made and DayZ was mine. So now you know the story of why i'm writing the review, and how I came to have the copy. All that's left is to answer the question, is it any good?

Hell no.

DayZ is merely potential at the moment, because the state that it has been 'released' in is really not a game. Bugs are every where to be found, sometimes they are so bad that they stop we from being able to play. Even when things are running as smoothly as they can, the world is a lonely place where not much happens. Hardly any zombies and a distinct lack of anything to pick up. I've put a few hours into the game and the biggest threat so far has been starvation.

Graphically the game is bad with much needed items popping into and out of reality at the worst time. Many places blend together and I swear houses were all made by the same builder. Combat is also a fairly hit or miss affair.

One outing I was caught off guard by a survivor who was basically naked. As I sat there stabbing him with my bayonet, I eventually succumbed to his fists and wonder how this naked man got so tough. Another outing I managed to find a baseball bat. First two zombies I found I took them down with two shots to the head, the third however managed to turn me into mince meat even after the 20th smash to the head.

But surely any problems I have are moot. This is an alpha, an unfinished product, all these things should be expected. Surely if I was accepted into the alpha with no money changing hands then I should sit down shut up. But early access costs $30 and that's pretty steep for something that's so incomplete. However getting into the idea of paying for early access is something I want to discuss separately later.

DayZ still has potential and could turn out to be a great game, but the cost of early access is not worth it at the moment. Hold off and wait and don't take the plunge. When the game get's fully released I'll review this again and give it a proper review.

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