Monday, December 30, 2013

Stardate 30/12/2013 (2013 Favourite Video Games)

While movies were a bit of a downer for me this year, video games really hit me big time. Coming up with a solid five favorite games was relatively easy, and I even had to cut out some of the contenders. But having said that I will say that some of the AAA games did sour me on various forms of cash grab. Micro transactions and season passes really did piss me off, and one particular season pass turned me away from a game that I really liked.

Also with the year ending there are a lot of games that I would love to play but just don't have the systems. A PS4 and 3DS would have enabled me to enjoy Pokemon X/Y, Zelda: Link to the Past and Knack. That's right I actually want to play Knack. If anyone would like to donate any of these systems to me you can email at . (Shameless item grab done)

There were also some games that I really loved but couldn't in all good conscience put them in my top five games as they either had massive bugs (Arkham City) or I just haven't played enough of (Path of Exile). Needless to say this year has been great for the gamer in me. Now onto the five video games that really left their mark on me.

Bioshock Infinite: Story wise I don't think any other game managed to create such a talking point. There are layers upon layers of discussion to be had about what it all meant. And while the gameplay wasn't anything new I never thought it detracted from an excellent overall package.
Dragons Crown: It's art style did devide people, but if you can look beyond that, there is an excellent beat em up/rpg here. Hours can be poured into this game in a blink of an eye. I also played this on my Vita and never regretted the decision.
 Guacamelee!: Take the old school Metroid style of game, add luchador's and some excellent pop culture references and you have a fun time. Hard in places but ultimately rewarding. It will make any opponent humble.
 Rogue Legacy: I'm completely addicted to this game. So much so it's derailed my constant Skyrim play. Death can come swiftly and the game is challenging, but it's fun and there is always a sense of progression even when mercilessly killed by a giant skeleton or floating eyeball.
Tomb Raider: Expectations were non existent for this, but word of mouth and a special got me to pick it up. Not sure how but this hit home a lot more than Uncharted. I loved the adventure and loved the struggles of Lara. Some say that the game makers were a bit brutal on Lara, but this encouraged me to up my game and make sure nothing happened.

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