Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stardate 17/12/2013

Things are chilling out at the moment. Just had my birthday, and now looking directly at the monster that is known as Christmas. Of course it's that wonderful time when family comes together and cheers each other up. That or drunkedly takes out another brick in the family foundatioin. Also speaking of family this will be the last christmas with my wife and I. With the little one on the way will soon have to do all that parenting stuff. Mmmmm cookies and milk for Santa me thinks.

In other news had to unplug the external hard drive from my computer as it was slowly destroying my laptop. It also means no more watching television shows we've saved on it as my laptop was the only thing that actually ran it. Oh well we always have free to air tv. *screams and runs out of the room*

Sorry about that.

With my b'day I managed to get a copy of Dragon's Crown for my Vita so I'll probably put a review up for it if I finish it. I say if as i'm terrible at completing games. Unless it's Skyrim or Fallout cause I finish those multiple times.

I also got my first subscriber to my you tube channel so i'm excited about that. But it also means I need to put stuff up regularly. Also expect these journal like entries, cause sometimes a man just wants to ramble with no real shopping agenda. DAMN MALL RAT!

Catch ya on the flip side.
Disgruntled Monkey

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