Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Bunnyman (2011)

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Director: Carl Lindbergh
Starring: Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Albrecht and Alaina Gianci
Writer: Carl Lindbergh

Urban Legend states that the Bunnyman was a hobo dressed in a bunny costume who went about killing people with an axe. Of course being an Urban Legend there are different takes. The one that I thought was the creepiest was the description of the man that had him in a suit, but his mask was that of a creepy bunny like Donnie Darko. Which ever way you but it but there is something disturbing about the premise. Shame the movie completely drop the ball.

At first I was impressed with how the movie started. A 8MM mini movie makes things look particularly creepy, and then the real movie starts and we have this absense of dialogue. Sound, music and some clever shots make the movie seem like it's going to overcome it's low budget roots with a tense ride.

But it can completely be tossed away with some bone head moves from our leads and then at the half way point we jump completely off the deep end. Igor side characters, freaky families and the now obligatory torture scene just comes across as stupidly over the top and really i've seen this done. I get the feeling it wants to be something akin to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but it misses the mark completely.

It doesn't help the acting is bad, continuity errors are all over the place and there are just some ill advised choices for the movie. The Bunnyman costume in particular is annoying as it seems to hamstring the would be killer and kind of destroys the creepiness. Also why an god damn Chainsaw? What's wrong with an axe?

There are moments where the music and sound truly elevate the movie, but then it all comes crashing down. A cheap looking movie that houses a lot of mistakes as well as some lackluster performances, it truly does a disservice to the urban legend. What's worse is when I looked up the movie for posters I found out there is a sequel. Good Lord!

0 axes out of 1
I wanted to do other stuff by the end.
0 axes out of 1
Not sure if there was actually any real story.
0 axes out of 1
Bad acting.
0 axes out of 1
Oh so many small details just missed.
0.5 axe out of 1
I got to give something to the music and sound editor.

0.5 axe out of 5
Bad Bunnyman, bad. Now hop off.

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