Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Sushi Girl (2012)

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Director: Kern Saxton
Starring: Tony Todd, Noah Hathaway, James Duval and Mark Hamill
Writers: Destin Pfaff, Kern Saxton

God damn is this a tight, well paced, crime flick that has oodles of character and a collection of well known B actors given time to strut their stuff. When this movie wrapped up I knew that Kern Saxton was a director to watch from now on.

Honestly the movie starts rather slowly but as we are introduced to the feature characters we get a sense that something big is about to unfold. Five criminals come together after one of them is released from jail after six years. The thought on everyone's mind is, where are the diamonds they stole back from a heist gone wrong?

There are other stories, important stories, playing in the background but to go on about them is to ruin a butt tonne of surprises. The great thing about the surprises in this movie are they are well set up and don't crumble under intense scrutiny. By keeping the story simple everything just works damn well.

But for me, the highlight of this movie had to be Mark Hamill as Crow. Holy heck is this man awesome. Crow could easily be Hamill taking his Joker voice work and just bringing it to a live action film. Instead he manages to take some notes from his work as the Joker but infuse Crow with other characteristics that make him probably the most interesting character in the film. I'm amazed, my jaw is on the floor.

Tony Todd is also an excellent presence and bring a certain menancing coolness to the head thug and man who's organized the entire night. It's a nuanced turn and only get over shadowed by Hamill because Hamill is larger than life. There are also great turns from other actors and all of the main criminals are just brilliantly drawn.

Anyone who's a fan of crime flicks with an exploitation flare should track this movie down and watch it. Get out there and buy it. Find Kern Saxton and just give him money. You may say that this movie has made a massive impact on me and i'm drawing the line here. What ever that means. Just watch that damn thing.

1 Sushi out of 1
Fun characters, fun times.
1 Sushi out of 1
Tight script, logical suprises.
1 Sushi out of 1
Mark Hamill steals the show.
1 Sushi out of 1
Very focused.

0.5 Sushi out of 1
Competent but nothing special.

4 Sushi's out of 5
A wonderful feast of a film.

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