Thursday, November 7, 2013

Disgruntled Monkey's Thought Log: The Boobs about Truth

In a topic that might rile a few people and even get me a slap across the head from my wife. Today I've been thinking about boobs. Well maybe I should start from the beginning to add necessary context to the boobs. I mean topic.

So a few days ago I won Final Fantasy 14 for my PS3. Being a MMORPG I got to make my character, and normally when it comes to my choice I go for a female. Maybe would be the time to give a noble reason for this, but at the end of the day I'm a guy who likes women and if I'm going to spend 40+ hours with a character, it's probably going to be a female.

Anyway going into the game I started making my character and I went for a Gladiator and was greeted by a Gothic Lolita style dress that showed a lot of cleavage. Now some of you may think that this made me happy particularly with the previous paragraph. However it just kind of annoyed me, but I pressed on. Que a cut scene where I was shown a future vision of what my character could be. She was fully decked out in plate armor and was glorious in her epicness.

With a smile I was all of a sudden driven to play the game. I wanted to attain that vision.

This is what got me to this place. What got me thinking. You see my character is still cute, but her clothes match her profession, or at least I was given the option to give her this type of armor. Why do some games just have the females in the revealing armor? You've seen the memes, the cliches, the stereotypes. The ol chain mail bikini.

Covered head to toe in armor, and yet still feminine.
I'm not really trying to put on a white hat and fight a righteous fight here. I'm boiling this down for me to the most basic of things. I can find fully clothed women just as sexy as chain mail bikini clad women, why can't I have the option to go either way?

Speaking of which why can't we have options to put male characters in a chain mail loincloth. Get a bit of dick neck going for the ladies (Thanks go to Brian Posehn for that term). Hell androgynous or hermaphroditic should get a chance to vanquish the forces of hell or whatever evil god is being face this week.

Actually I think by writing I'm getting to a realization of what I want. What I want is choice!

Personally I don't care about boobs exposed or boobs covered, what I want is choice. I may want to put pants on my male characters in RPG's, but if someone wants to play a male druid going 'au naturel' then let that player swing where they want to.

I know that by giving people choice it may open up a can of worms. Put an androgynous option in a game and you're going to have idiots complain about it. But by putting options into games we can at least discuss some things. Taking away options in my mind is never the way, it sweeps them under the rug for Scruffy the Janitor to find late at night.

Then again this entire rant could just be a way for me to justify my love of boobs.

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