Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Horror Marathon: Part 6 - Dog Soldiers (2002)

Today I decided to finally sit my wife down and make her watch a movie that would definitely be on my top ten werewolf movies. (A list that might be coming sooner than expected. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.) At the end of the movie she was smiling and called it stupidly fun. It's probably the best way I could describe it.

Dog Soldiers isn't a smart movie, it isn't blessed with the biggest of budgets, but what it does have is character. It brims with British humor and gives us characters that are very endearing. In fact I would say that both this and Aliens gives us some of the best soldier characters in horror films today.

Another thing about the movie is that you can just tell that the movie was made by people who gave a damn. Okay so the Werewolf's aren't given the highest of special effects budgets, but they put dancers in the make up so they could add animalistic movements. The creators cared enough to strengthen something that was weak. You don't see that often.

When I first saw this movie many moons ago, I dug it and it's been a movie that I've constantly revisited. There is a sequel out there but I've heard that most of the original production crew left and that it's not that good. Maybe one day I will trudge the ground it prowls, but till that day this classic is all that I need.

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    Man I love this movie. Great review. I always go back and forth as to whether I prefer this film or The Descent in Marshall's cannon.