Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disgruntled Monkey’s Rant Log: I Hate This Angry Feeling

So maybe it's confession time. A long time ago back in a university far far away, I used to write a monthly column for the university magazine called The Rat's Nest. Basically in my early twenties I was a very very angry young man. I had a temper that I had managed to focus on all the loves of my life. Mainly movies and pop culture. It became something that defined me as a person and even today many of my friends see ranting as a very big part of me.

However a few years ago something happened. I met this woman who I fell madly in love with and I wanted to better myself. See anger was one thing, but I suffered severe bouts of depression that sometimes had me curling into a ball. The two seemed to go hand in hand, you could almost view them as a tag team that were world champions in ruling my brain. However finally motivated to go to the doctor's, I'm on the path to feeling better and look back on my 'The Rat Nest's' writings with a slight smirk and shake of my head.

This journey finally led me to make this blog where I write about the things I love but always try to take the angry fanboy out of it all. Being an angry fanboy has always led to any discussion truly being thrown away. Sometimes the anger just obfuscates actual problems in the artistic medium we choose to champion, other times we can't get people to talk because they are scared that any moment a nerd will turn and become aggressive. It's a problem I see all the time.

This week there has been an incident that has made me feel exhausted. Ben Affleck is Batman.

I think he'll be good as Batman.
Wow did this bring out the angry comic fans. Statues of Ben Affleck were built just so they could be torn down by the mob. All the while I just felt like hitting my head on the table in embarrassment. But unfortunately even with the best of intentions I stooped to their level and put a few twitter posts expressing my anger at their anger. And you know what? I regret it.

It's fair enough to say, 'this pisses me off,' but taking a moment to calm down and rationally think about why, is always the right approach. Too many times when we type with our emotions at 11 we say things that we will often regret. Or worse we will come off as an asshole and cause bigger problems for ourselves.

You threaten someone with death over the writing of a video game. How does that help?
You make a petition to a studio cause you don't like casting. How does that help?
You hack a company and steal customers information. How does the help?

Small or big, fan communities really need to learn to deal with their angry feelings. Only when they treat people with some respect will other people turn to them and truly listen to their opinions.

I'm sure that this little post won't mean a lot to most. But it's a record of my constant drive to try and be a better person. My anger will never truly go away, but hopefully I can use it for a lot more constructive purposes.

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