Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Mind the Gap Volume 1 – Intimate Strangers

 Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Writer: James McCann
Artist: Rodin Esquejo
Publisher: Image

Mind The Gap is a comic that both intrigues and infuriates in equal measure, especially being the first chapter in a longer series there is much that is left unanswered which could drive the more casual of readers to anger. What it really comes down to is the potential that can be seen and whether that’s enough for someone to invest the time.

Personally, I was captivated by the predicament of the lead character Elle and her discovery of a shared mental space whilst in a coma. The mystery revolves around three factors; one - how Elle came to be in a coma in the first place, two - why she was put into a coma and three - we wonder at the mental mindscape and how it’s tied to Elle and her past.

The biggest problem in regards to the main story is that there are so many threads and surrounding characters that sometimes the story gets lost in the scope. Pacing is also a problem with some reveals seemingly rushed and out of nowhere, possibly a product of little time being given to some characters. Tolerance is going to vary from reader to reader, but there was enough here for me to enjoy.

Thankfully there is more here to admire other than the story, the artwork is fantastic and Esquejo brings a real sense of realism to the characters and locations. This helps ground the comic while making the supernatural elements that more intense. I particularly loved the mental-scape of Elle while she tries to remember her accident - blending her love of Red Riding Hood and what she’s actually seeing.

Overall Mind the Gap is a great departure from the superhero genre, but even with this first volume people will find a lot of questions unanswered. It suffers the same problems as the television show Lost to be honest. If you love a good supernatural mystery and are not afraid to go without answers then the first volume is worth a try; otherwise you should probably skip.

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