Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: It’s In The Blood (2012)

Review by Disgruntled Monkey

Director: Scooter Downey
Starring: Lance Henriksen, Sean Elliot, Rose Sirna
Writers: Scooter Downey, Sean Elliot

How do you know that you’re dreaming? Is there a difference between dreams and hallucinations? Could you really define your reality if you couldn’t tell the difference?  These are all interesting questions that have been covered by many a movie. It’s in the Blood lends its voice to the choir and manages to be distinctive.

We first meet October in a nightmarish scenario, running through a dark forest with something unfathomable chasing him. This turns out to be a dream, but even in supposed reality things are not quite what they seem. October has a photographic memory causing the viewer to question reality once again as he conveniently remembers what is needed. Needless to say the movie continues this trend of deliberately blurring reality and the dream.

At the heart of the movie lies the relationship between October and his father, Russell, and their struggle to come to terms with both each other and the shared tragedy that haunts them. The nature of the film begins to coalesce as clues to the characters shared past slowly come to light. Thankfully, the movie doesn’t spell everything out until close to the end and happily the story is supported by some exceedingly strong acting; especially Lance Henriksen as Russell.

This image shall haunt your dreams. You welcome.
It’s in the Blood is the kind of film that is both ambiguous in its story yet still provides us with answers. Both characters are so broken that they could be having shared hallucinations, or there may be a real supernatural element to the proceedings. This is certainly not your typical horror movie as it seems more intent on getting you to think than enjoying visceral thrills.

Gems like It’s in the Blood make me thankful for taking the time to watch movies that received no love in the theatre. Honestly, if you like your horror on the cerebral side then you should take the time to watch this film. Enjoy the dream/nightmare world on display and come up with your own interpretation, you’ll feel better for it.

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