Friday, June 14, 2013

Trailer Trawl Vol 6


Another trailer, another reason to get excited for this movie. I think that this could be an awesome science fiction move that combines excellent action and a deeper meaning. Matt Damon seems to be the perfect choice these days for action and acting ability, now all we need is him in a movie directed by Ben Affleck. In fact have Affleck direct Damon in a Daredevil movie. Affleck can get redemption and Damon can play the role he was meant to. Whoops, side tracked myself. Elysium looking damn good.


Speaking of redemption this movie looks set to wipe away the first wolverine movie from our memories. A second trailer is out and it's everything I could of wanted for a wolverine movie. It was a really good idea to tell the japanese Wolverine story as it allows to be very self contained without having to tie into all of his origin stuff.

300 - Rise of the Empire:

When I heard that this movie was being made I was less than enthused. I had images of a very cheap sequel being made to cash in on the 300 name. Having seen the trailer I now see I was completely wrong. This looks like a very worthy follow up with great looking action and already some nice touches. I especially like how Gerald Butler is back for a very very small cameo. As I said, some nice touches.

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