Sunday, June 16, 2013

Malcontented Moose Takes Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Article by Malcontented Moose

Well, I guess it’s not really a review but more of a run down on how bad I am at dealing with people I respect and admire. Oh well.

This was quite a fun and intimidating day for me. I originally heard that VANCAF was happening through a tweet from one of my favourite artists, Alex Steacy. Well known through LRR I stalk him through the internets in order to appreciate his works from afar, yet suddenly here was an opportunity to meet him in person! And potentially buy his stuff! Also other artists I adore! I very nearly had an aneurism at work.

I prepared in advance by grabbing a ticket for the VIP bag of goodies (the event itself was free) and showed up on the Saturday too early feeling wet and alone (it was raining –thankyou Vancouver- and I have no friends in Canada).  One of the plus sides of turning up early however, was that I got to meet Jeph Jacques – of Questionable Content (website here)fame- and have an incredibly thrilling yet stilted conversation with him.   It was nothing on his part of course, he was very lovely, I just cannot manage the artful flow of a natural conversation with someone who to me is more interesting and famous than the Beatles. After 5 minutes my brain insisted on either leaving or having a meltdown so I continued on my way around the space to check out the other artists.

This was a bad choice. Every stall I came to had interesting and beautiful artwork on display, in so many different styles and genres. I did a full loop through then went and got more money out.  My hour of power had commenced! I spoke to nearly every artist, asking about their work and process, buying from those I found particularly engaging. A good few of the artists there I had either heard about or previously read their work online and it was incredibly satisfying to meet them and finally own a physical piece of their work.

There were some artists I truly wish I could have bought from, such as Kory Bing, who’s art is both beautiful and an interesting mix of old mythology and new. While her books were out of my price range I took a tote and card so I can find her online. Others whom I love, like A Softer World, were unfortunately well outside the range of affordable - $40 for a single print – and were, let’s say, less engaged in the visitors than their phones.

After burning through all my cash I wanted to visit some of the lectures, unfortunately, the weather had caught me and I was feeling sick and light headed. For me VANCAF was short yet sweet, filled with interesting people and great art. I will definitely be going again.

The Moose's Haul.

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