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Nerd Watch 03/05/2013

Fraiser To Psychoanalyze Transformers.

Out of Bay's three Tranformer movies I can honestly say that I enjoyed roughly one and a half of them (the first one and the last half of the third). So my excitement for the fourth installment is non existent, that was until it was announced that Kelsey Grammer will be playing the human villain in the movie. I have great respect for the man and he was one of the few good things in X-Men Last Stand (he rocked the park as Beast), so the movie has at least one thing going for it. Well it also won't star Shia LaBeouf.

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Director to Cut Roots of Tree of Life.

Terrence Malick is currently working on the Directors Cut of Tree of Life, and it's set to feature scenes that were previously left on the cutting room floor. Will this make the movie more stream lined? More accessible? Easier to understand? Nope. But it will give people who loved the movie (myself included) more to ponder about. If that wasn't enough he's also working on Voyage of Time which should be similar to the cosmic elements in Tree of Life. Sign me up Mr Malick.

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Netflix to the Dark Tower Came.

Stephen King is one of the fictional writers that inspires me on a daily basis and his epic Dark Tower series is one of my most beloved stories of his. So when I say i'm engrossed in any little rumor or tidbit about the adaptation you get where i'm coming from. This thing has had more starts and stops than when I was learning how to drive. Latest in the long line of rumor milling is that Ron Howard may have found a new home in a made for Netflix series. If this is true it's all thanks to Mr Howard making the latest series of Arrested Development for them. Wow. Just when you think Arrested Development couldn't get any better, it could possibly be the savior of Roland and his Ka-tet.


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