Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trailer Trawl Vol 3

Article by Disgruntled Monkey

Last week some pretty awesome trailers have been released for some movies that i'm really looking forward to. It's always nice to watch a trailer that gets you amped for something that you're looking forward to. We are certainly entering into the yearly blockbuster phase.

Pacific Rim:

Monsters vs Giant Robots, how can you not be excited for this? Thankfully the Wondercon Trailer was actually released online and we get to see some new footage. Idris Elba is still the man, but Charlie Day is featured in full manic scientist mode which is also pretty great.

Fast & Furious 6:

I love this series and in my mind it does one of the rarest of feats and manages to get better with every installment. Sure it's dumb as hell but there's something about the cast and the cars that really hooks me. Full disclosure, I know nothing about cars and have no real interest in them in real life.

Red 2:

While I won't say I was completely blown away by the first movie, I did have a fun time. The sequel is looking pretty funny with the bonus of having a bigger budget behind it. Plus Bruce Willis seems a lot more animated than some of the other movies he's done recently and any movie that lets John Malkovich revel in insanity is always a good thing.

Man of Steel:

The first few trailers didn't really grab me, in fact I wrote a rant/article about the first one which you can find here. However the third trailer has finally hooked me. Maybe it was the Russell Crowe narration at the beginning, maybe the fact they show more action, but I think in the end having Michael Shannon in complete insane mode as General Zod is what pushed it over the line for me.

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