Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nerd Watch 01/05/2013

80's Action Movies Strike Back.

As was prophesied by an old 80's VHS tape, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as finally landed on the shores of gamer's. With 'retro' being so damn cool these days, gamer's have been salivating with absolute anticipation for the game that brings Michael Biehn, 80's Action and absolute insanity to the home. Taking the role of Sergeant Rex 'Power' Colt, you have to take out a villain hell bent on taking over the world. Basically Far Cry 3 with a new skin, one of the nicest things is that you don't need the original Far Cry 3 to play this expansion. I for one need to grab this game now.

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A Little Too Nerdy?

All aboard the hype train as The Amazing Spider Man 2 really starts to speed along. First we get a nice photo of Jamie Foxx in his Electro make up, now we get him before he turns into the villain. At first I was pretty dumb founded at what I was seeing cause Mr Foxx looks almost comically nerdy. I can't help but think of The Simpsons and characters like Database when I look at what he is. It laughable in a way and I really worry how he's going to play this character because it could be laughably bad. Still I am but one monkey in a sea of opinion so click the links below and see for yourself.

I Heart Chaos: Jamie Foxx Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Home For Pop Culture Paintings.

Lastly we have Gallery 1988; an art gallery dedicated to pop culture, starting it's newest collection. The honor this time goes to art based around Bad Robot productions. So come one, come all and get your fill of Fringe, Lost and Star Trek art done by people from all around. Personally I was a fan of the Fringe art in particular. I also think it's nice that there is a physical art gallery for artists more predisposed to pop culture. Almost makes me wish that I live in Los Angeles just so I could visit.

TV Uproxx: Best of 'The Bad Robot Art Experience' At Gallery 1988
Gallery 1988: Official Site

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