Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Wreck It Ralph (2012)

Director: Rich Moore
Starring: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman
Writers: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston and Jim Reardon

Brave won the Oscar for best animation movie over Wreck It Ralph, Frankenweenie and Paranorman. I can remember how people took to the streets with pitchforks and torches, hunting for the sinister Academy voters. Actually it was just a bunch of people complaining on the internet that the wrong movie won. Having only watched Brave last year I never could comment, but after watching Wreck It Ralph I’m beginning to understand.

Wreck It Ralph is a movie that delivers to both the older and younger audience. There is such a love for the video gaming culture that it’s hard not to be charmed. The movie has a big heart and an interesting message for young children. One about it’s okay to dream, but sometimes you need to be look at what you have to truly find happiness.

Animation is bright and interesting. It’s a delicate balance between making their own world and also being faithful to the recognizable faces. Not only do they really get how the Zangief’s and Sonic’s well, but they do use them in a way which isn’t just a reference for reference’s sake. Also while these characters not be the main ones, they do infuse in a quick time memorable persona’s.

Speaking of characters, the main characters are very well realised with genuine emotional ties being generated. You can’t help but feel sorry for Ralph and Vanellope. All the voice acting is very strong, with me constantly forgetting who the actors were and instead seeing them as the characters. Well all except Sarah Silverman. I have a problem with her comedic stylings, and it was really hard for me to not keep seeing her in the character, however there is a certain restraint to what she gives Vanellope and as such it wasn’t as big a problem as I would of thought.

Bad guys have always got each others backs.
More time could have been given to the story as it does move at a break neck pace. Relationships are quickly established and the audience is asked to but into the developments quickly. Every plot point is backed up and foreshadowed; it’s just done at a rapid rate. More time could have been given, but then this is a kid’s picture so a movie going to long is always a consideration.

Those who love video games and animation, young and old, should find a way to watch this movie if you haven’t already. Truly a wonderful movie that blends a strong message with an excellent use of nostalgia. I hope that we get a chance to delve further into this world.

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