Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quick Movie Review: Vol 31

Tis been a while since I did one of this quick reviews. Recently I’ve been trying to do full reviews but I’ve racked up an impressive lists of movies to reviews and do one review at a time is a little slow. Not only that but some movies really don’t deserve a full review. It’s not that they are bad, just nothing of importance to really talk about. So welcome back the quick movie reviews. I’ll try not use these all the time.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

Straight to DVD release from DC, this tale is that particularly memorable. If you’ve read comics you know where everything is heading, and for those who haven’t then this is a short distraction. The only real star voice actor is Summer Glau as Supergirl. Credit to Ms Glau she did a great job and maybe if they ever do another live action movie around the character Glau could be tapped to act again.

All the other voice actors are what you’ve come to expect from these types of movies, solid if not excellent. Chances are if you’re a comic fan then you’ve probably watched this not. For those who aren’t I can see this movie as a nice distraction for parents and kids to watch together.

Species 3 (2004)

Straight to video sequels often mean quick cash in for a fading franchise, the quality of which is never a high factor. Species 3 is an absolute crap fest, the acting is atrocious and the story just screams of a script with nothing to do with the actual series, but it’s been redone to fit. As such the movie makes no sense in relation to the first two movies. Sure the first two weren’t the best by any standards, but you can at least keep a consistency. It isn't helped that there is no real clear idea of who's the bad guy and who's the good guy, the film just comes of as a confused mess with no idea with what it wants to do. What's worse is there is a complete waste of Natasha Henstridge in this movie, but then I don't blame her for wanting to depart really quickly. Honestly just avoid this movie, it’s just bad.

Morlocks (2011)

It’s a SyFy channel original movie, so you know that screams of quality. A bastardised version of the time machine, the only real links to the story are a time machine and the creatures called Morlocks. File this away in the ‘Science Screws Up’ science fiction genre. In regards to bad movies, there is a chance for having a sliver of enjoyment.

Managing to get through this movie was made easier thanks to two Stargate Atlantis regulars, David Hewlett and Robert Picardo. They manage to make even the worst crap bearable, but this was a struggle for them as the dialogue they need to deliver is god damn horrible. Watch if you are into so bad it’s good type movies, especially with the SyFy seal of approval.

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