Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Safe (2012)

“What the hell did you do, kid?”

Director: Boaz Yakin
Starring: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan and Chris Sarandon
Writer: Boaz Yakin

Oh Statham, you could have been someone, could have been a contender, but you keep on heading to C Grade Action Movie town. I remember the days Snatch, and how entranced I was with you. Then Transporter hit and I thought I was seeing the birth of the next big action star. Then bit by bit, with each passing movie he just seemed to get in worse productions, there was some renewed hope with Crank but that was drowned out by other films. Last year I saw three of his movie and they were just horrible. I guess I’m a sucker for punishment because I walked into Safe with some hope.

Out of his recent movies this film started off well enough. There was time taken to establish Statham’s character Luke Wright and the premise of him being a protector to a little girl who is on the run from a crime boss. It all seems to be building up to a huge confrontation between gangs, corrupt cops and Statham’s character.  But then in the third act the plot begins to fall apart and actually after too many twists fizzles away.

I think this is a recurring problem with Statham films, there is potential but the ball is always dropped. He really needs to get picky with his films, or maybe move from action movies and into something a little more dramatic. All I can say is yet again I left a Statham film disappointed.

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