Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Documenting the Grey Man (2011)

Director: Wayne Capps
Starring: Patrick Hussion, Kelly Coulter and Jillian Walzer

When you delve into low budget horror movies it’s always a good idea to keep in mind that low budget doesn't equal a bad movie. But it’s still a good guide. Thankfully the found footage genre does allow for lower budget movie to be a lot more effective in the scare department. Take a look at The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity. So is there any hope for Documenting the Greyman, a movie that I was rather interested in?

Hell and no. Wow I haven’t seen a movie this bad for a while. Normally I try to find any positives in these reviews, but this movie well and truly craps itself in every single way. The acting is awful and it seems like this might have been a movie that delved in improvisation as I couldn’t find any script writer mentioned on line. Also with the word y’know used constantly throughout the movie either the actors were stymied when trying to create dialogue or the writer wanted to add it to the script for god knows what reason.

But the acting isn’t the only thing that reeks; the pacing of the movie is atrocious. It isn’t till the fifty minute mark that things start happening. Oh and the movie is only one hour long. Yep, everyone is killed in the space of ten minutes and not very visually. Most just drop to the floor killed by an invisible force. It’s that lame. There are some special effects but you’ve seen these in other movies and they aren’t much to write home about.

I think the ultimate insult is the premise. The Greyman is supposed to appear to people and warn them of a coming storm, some even see him as lucky. If all the legends point to this ghost being benevolent then why is it terrorizing this family? Thinking about it shows that there was no real thought given to the movie as it doesn’t make sense and no sense is ever given. Also the characters are absolutely stupid, not leaving when they should have.

Summing it all up, avoid this movie at all costs. It has nothing going for it other than; well nothing really. Do something more productive and watch a science fiction channel original movie.

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  1. I don't think streaming channels can without significantly raising their prices. Which is fine, I'd pay $20 a month for a streaming channel if they had a more massive selection that includes lots of newer films.