Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Unstoppable (2010)

“This ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed.”

Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson
Writer: Mark Bomback

There is a certain mindset you really need to have when you watch this movie. Action, drama, everything is heightened to a ridiculous level and it can be a fun ride if you just don’t think about it too much. While based on a true story, I’m sure there were some embellishments added to create a little more spark.

My main concern with the movie was Tony Scott; the man doesn’t seem to know the word subtlety. Everything always seems over done and Domino, another film based on a true story was a mess of a movie, with an interesting plot destroyed by embellishments. Thankfully it seems that Tony Scott has reigned himself in as much as he can, so it never goes too over the top.

Denzel Washington is always dependable, this role is not really a stretch for him but he knows exactly what to do. Denzel’s chemistry with Chris Pine is good, and Mr Pine shows that he isn’t just Kirk, but capable of more dramatic roles, mind you this movie doesn’t push him too far. Rosario Dawson is a little wasted in her role, but it’s always nice to see her in a movie as she’s good at what she does.

You shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking you’re getting the truth; instead just enjoy the fun ride. Chances are you’ll forget the movie after a while as it’s never going to be a movie that engrains itself into people’s brains, but I doubt you’ll have a bad experience. 

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