Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: Project X (2012)

“The Party You've Only Dreamed About.”

Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Writers: Matt Drake and Michael Bacall
Stars: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown

Have you ever thought about trying to have that awesome party? The one that’s going to have you remembered by all the kids you go to school with. I haven’t but that’s because my friends and I would rather just watch movies together and eat copious amounts of popcorn. But I understand the want to earn cool points with the people around you. And so we come to Project X the ultimate party movie.

For the life of me I can’t remember a found footage movie ever being used for a party movie. I’m sure some elements have been used, but from go to woe, Project X comes off as a unique prospect for the audience members to really get in deep with that party/coming of age movie. However there are several problems that ruin the potential that this film has.

First off let me just say that I can see this film really getting a following with the younger generation, and it’s fun and breezy enough to give people a good enough time. I wasn’t expecting too much from the film, and it did take me awhile to get into the movie but when I did, I was laughing and having a good enough time. If you are intrigued by the premise, and are not expecting too much, then go for it. But I should probably explain the issues for those who want to go all Inception and delve deeper.

Characters in this movie will other wise please you, or grate on you till you want to find them and hang them from the nearest tree. Oliver Cooper as Costa is the most annoying of the trio, and is cut from a cloth so familiar it does take a little steam out of the proceedings. He’s the annoying friend who tries to act tough, and his constant search for women means he acts like a chauvinistic pig. It’s a similar character that we’ve seen in Superbad and other countless teen movies. In fact this is the sort of role that Jonah Hill would have played. The other two characters are fine enough but the Costa gets a lot of time and it hurts.

The other problem is the real lack of focus. I don’t really see a point to this movie other than being a look at the worst and best day of a teenager. The ending tried to bring meaning to the proceedings but the use of the camera did seem rather ham fisted. Add to it all jokes that didn’t serve any purpose in the movie, and seemed highly out of place.

One thing in this movies favour is the escalation of the party and the chaos that stems from it. The end of the party is pretty thrilling even if it’s over the top, but if anything it’s one of the few things the movie is trying to emphasise for the audience. It cements the party in its epicness, and it truly is the party that would define many peoples lives.

I had fun at this movie and to say otherwise would be a lie, but as I was leaving I just couldn’t see any reason for this movie to be made. What could have been a great movie bringing the voyeuristic eye to the party of all parties, is really wasted by not having anything deep. Is it a coming of age movie? Kind of. With the ending of the characters however I’m left to question the movies intentions. But I guess movies don’t need to have deep meaning, and as I said mid way through this review, the movie is enjoyable enough. If you like party movies, or movies like Superbad then I’m sure you will find something here.

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