Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Lost Boys – The Thirst (2010)

“Holy shit! It's the attack of Grandpa Munster!”

Director: Dario Piana
Starring: Corey Feldman, Casey B Dolan and Jamison Newlander
Writers: Evan Charnov and Hans Rodionoff

Crawling wounded from Lost Boys the Tribe; I knew I had the third one arriving any day. Those days of waiting were made up of mostly crying myself to sleep, and wondering why I did this to myself. It would be easier to just stop this whole reviewing lark and just watch the movies I really wanted to watch. Oh well I can’t stop now after so many reviews.

Wait a minute; this story is different and kind of interesting. I’m a amazed. Hang on it centres on the Frog Brothers; okay I’m getting more interested. Wow they mention the other characters and give reasons for them not being around. Gee that was kind of a touching moment dedicated to Corey Haim. Okay I’m going to stop there and do a proper review because it looks like this movie is actually giving a damn.

So first off the acting in this isn’t great, but it’s so much better than the second movie. Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are great as the Frog Brothers and do share this chemistry which makes me give a damn about the characters. As for everyone else I actually liked them. The vampires were a little different from the original cadre and this made them an interesting villain. The human’s were funny enough and given enough to do that they worked as a group. Casey B Dolan was also a cutey as Zoe, and offered us a quirky character for Corey Feldman to bounce off.

Story wise the movie gets it right where the second screwed up. This is not a rehash of the Lost Boys but a new story set in the same world. The villains plot was actually pretty good, and while I didn’t really care for the twist, it was far from a deal breaker. Look I’m not going to stand here and say that this story is gripping, but at least some effort went into it. So much that I did cheer at one point, and I did feel mildly touched at one particular scene. The writers haven’t shot for the moon but they’ve tried to at least get in the entertaining zone.

Special effects are also upgraded from the second movie, but are still that straight to video quality. Yet again though it seems people have taken at least some care in what they are doing. Also the idea behind some of the weapons are pretty cool, and I would love to see them used in some kind of Frog Brothers, From Dusk Till Dawn crossover. Scarily it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has written this type of fan fiction.

Where as the sloppiness and laziness of The Tribe got me quite riled up, I was actually entertained by this movie. No way will it ever make a top 10, 50 or even 100 list with me, but sometimes all movie goers need to be is entertained. I can’t really recommend this to anyone but hardcore lovers of either the Frog Brothers or vampire movies in general. At least this movie has restored the sanity that I lost in watching the sequel.

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