Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantastical Reality

So I’m a big fan of The Soup with Joel McHale, and while they don’t solely deal with reality television, they do get a good chunk of their stuff from there. Some of the reality programs I’ve seen on The Soup are truly horrifying. Gigolos, Housewives of (enter one of many America cities), Jersey Shore and a hole host of so called television programming.

When it comes to these shows, my first initial reaction is mock the hell out of them, but surely this is a little hypocritical. I watch reality shows, and as much as I try to justify my love of the shows I watch, but decry the stuff I don’t I just get that feeling that I’m talking out of my ass. Just for the record the shows that I watch are Ghost Hunters, Deadliest Catch and To Catch a Predator. Occasionally I might delve into some cooking based reality shows, but that’s really it.

If there is one difference I would like to point out, one which I think works in my favour (not biased at all). Is that the reality shows that I like to watch are of people actually doing things. Catching ghosts, catching fish, catching paedophiles, hmm I think their might be a running theme there. Where I think people get upset with reality television shows is the artificial celebrity that is created, especially those celebrities who seem to be famous for being famous.

Kardashians, Snooki, Hilton they are well known for doing nothing. This is like a red flag to a bull for some people as they look at their lives, see they are doing more than these people on television, but don’t have the ridiculous amounts of money these television idols have. I can understand why people get pissed but here is where I bring things full circle.

I watch The Soup and find it hilarious, but it wouldn’t be so hilarious if the show didn’t have reality television to aim most its jokes. We can’t really complain about reality television because we are the ones who make it popular. It sucks but until people turn to another channel we will never be free. Some people like to blame the studios, claiming that reality television only gets made because it’s cheap to make. Partial true but it’s really all the people watching it that give the studio executives the drive to put these shows out there.

So am I going to lead by example? Sorry I enjoy The Soup too much. If you want me I’ll be over here laughing rather that yelling.

I really do love this show. More people need to watch it.

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