Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disgruntled Monkey's 2012 Movies He Wants To See.

Well with 2011 behind us it’s time to turn to the future. I must admit as we step upon the hallowed grounds of new movies, I am slightly nervous about the big movies of 2012. I guess 2011 really stuck the dagger in when it came to movies I was looking forward to.

But none the less, we can’t judge a movie till it has been seen, so away with you pessimism, may you drown in the unholy sea of off mayonnaise. Instead let us become optimistic and greet the new dawn. Oh and if there is any trailer out for the film I’ve put the link in the title for your clicking pleasure.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter:

I like vampires, I like the novel that this movie is based on and I also happen to like Timur Bekmambetov. To me this has a chance to make my jaw drop with the crazy visuals and kick ass story. Of course adaptations can be a treacherous business, but I choose to be positive about it.

While Cars 2 might have shaken some peoples view point on Pixar, I still have faith in them. Every now and then you need to make the purely money movie so you can fund your more dynamic movies. Brave just looks awesome, with a strong female character, and some great humour shown in the trailer, I’m hoping this has a big of an impact on me as Up or Wall-E.

First time I heard about this movie I wasn’t really on board, all I got of the plot description was five friends go to a cabin in the woods and bad stuff happens. Sounds like a pretty standard horror film. Add to that a script by Joss Whedon and I was wary. It’s not that I hate his work but sometimes the Whedon fanboys/girls are a little over zealous with how they sell his creative pursuits. All that was put to rest when I saw the trailer, looks like there is something interesting happening with the movie as it tries to subvert expectations.

High school friends get superpowers, but find with great power comes a sudden urge to do bad, bad things. A found footage film I must admit the trailer sold me pretty hard. While it may be found footage it seems to expand out with news reports and could possibly be a mockumentry. Either way I’m sold and can’t wait to see this movie.

Do I really need to go on? I mean this is Nolan, one of my favourite directors back into Batman mode and dealing with Bane one of my favourite Batman villains. It could have only been better if the Riddler was somehow put into the movie, but we can only dream. Everything about this movie looks bigger, and the impact could be massive if Nolan actually finishes the story the way he seems to be hinting.

Django Unchained:

Django a black slave is played by Jamie Foxx who escapes, gets trained how to kill by a german bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz, so he can rescue his wife from evil plantation owner Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie could only be better if it had Samuel L Jackson in it and was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Wait a minute, it does. Well hurrah for that. TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

Confession time, I kind of liked the first Ghost Rider. It had its problems but the look of it was pretty good and at least entertained me. However it looks like this sequel that should have never been is going to set everything right. From the trailer it seems Cage is striking the right balance of insane, humour and angst, while the directors are giving us crazy action. Do you expect any less from the directors of Crank?

From the people behind Coraline comes another dark tale for the kids. Norman is a young boy who can see ghosts, and soon he will have to deal with ghosts, zombies and adults in a race to break a curse that has taken grip of his town. Visually the movie excites me, and I think that we need more children’s movies that delve into darker territory. Also any trailer that uses Season of the Witch as its music choice, instantly gets two thumbs up.

Ridley Scott going back to the Alien universe, but instead of doing a prequel to his first movie, he’s trying to expand the universe the characters exist in. This is going to be really interesting, and with its ties to the Alien world I can see this becoming a back to back watch. The trailer that just came out really hit the right notes for me and looks like it could deal with some big ideas which is always great for science fiction.

I’m not a Kristen Stewart hater, but she’s never been in films that I’ve wanted to see, so colour me surprised when the trailer hit and I was drawn into this visually interesting world. We’ve seen reinterpretations of fairy tales before, and a lot have failed, but this just seems to have something going for it.

Oh look its Harry Potter and he’s all grown up. Hmm horror, yeah right, I’m sure this trailer is going to be nothing but eye candy for all the girls out there. (Clicks on trailer and after two minutes.) Holy damn is this trailer bloody creepy. Fine you win this round Mr Potter.


  1. Most of those are on my list. Very excited for The Cabin in the Woods. I'll see anything done by Joss Whedon.

  2. The Cabin in the Woods, looks exciting. I hope it doesn't disappoint me. I get the bad feeling that The Avengers might be a little disappointing. I'll be happy if i'm wrong though.