Friday, December 16, 2011

Horror Movie Comics

Horror movies are normally a very visceral genre, sure there are the ones that make you think, but normally the horror movie will try and run rough shed over our instincts and emotions. As such it lends itself well to the visually medium of film, but I would also argue that comics are also a bastion of possibilities for the horror stories and in particular creating an expanded universe for horror icons every bit as great as the Star Wars expanded universe novels.

What got me thinking about all this expanded horror universe stuff was the third annual of the Hack/Slash comic (click here for a wiki run down). It had the main character go up against the killer Victor Crowley. Now I love the two Hatchet movies and this annual gave me more of what I love. But it also gave me a story that I probably wouldn’t have got thanks to budget restraints. It opened up the possibilities of the character and I loved every minute of it.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve read a horror comic and was thankful. Freddy vs Jason is a movie I enjoy, but I love the comic book sequel Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. That’s right everyone’s favourite Deadite slayer decides to kick some Freddy butt. Also the series answered the question what would happen if Freddy ever got the Necronomicon (the short answer is the shiteth hiteth the faneth). Now I know this idea was being thrown around as a movie but could never get off the ground and in my opinion thank god as I don’t think the movie could have ever done it justice.

The sheer awesomeness of this idea makes me smile.

Of course there are horror comics that just don’t work and personally I think the one reason for that is it tries to follow the movie beats too close. A bit back the major horror icons were really hitting the comic book industry hard, and I decided to jump on board with Chucky. It wasn’t long before I just stopped collecting all together as the comic series didn’t give me anything the movies already have, and I think if the expanded universe of horror was ever to take off, it would need people to give different spins on the horror icons we love.

So where would I start? Hell if I had any say in the matter I would love to see a series of comics on Phantasm. The world of Phantasm is ripe for exploration as a lot of the answers haven’t been given, and a bigger story is just around the corner. Who wouldn’t love to see an almost apocalyptical tale, where we see a world at war with the Tall Man. Plus with comics we wouldn’t have to worry about the death or ageing of the actors we like, the companies who make these comics would just have to ensure finding writers who could mimic the speech style of the characters.

There is a comic miniseries of Phantasm,
but I think the world warrants
 a long running series.

There are some great horror comics out there, and plenty with links to the horror movies we love. I would suggest people get out there and read them as you never know. If sales increase the comic book industry might look at these horror icons and try and create an extended universe that is robust with great story ideas.

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