Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick Movie Reviews: Vol 6

Well it’s been slow for the last few weeks in the cinema, and without my Comic Pick of the Week, this blog is starting to dry up a little. So time to slap myself out of it and do some quick reviews of the no cinema fare I’ve indulged in. This quick review is going to be a big one folks, so strap in with what ever rocket you have lying about.

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

After this and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl I’m beginning to think that the Japanese gore movie market is just not my cup of tea. It’s not exactly the over the top violence that gets me, but just the lack of any real story. And by story I mean something that makes sense. But I guess this further cements the idea that I’m an outsider looking in with this movie and I guess it’s not for me. Still if you are a gorehound, greyhound or any other type of hound you may like this movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

I always wanted to see this movie but never really got around to it, my big mistake. This was just a funny as hell movie that was centred on adults and yet still retains a charm. Some clever visual gags, as well as a scary look back at an era best forgotten. I think all the stars where on fire here, special shout out to Clarke Duke who held his own against 3 good actors. Also it was nice to see Crispin Glover still working.

Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

This has to be one of the worst bloody movies I’ve ever watched. So annoyed was I with the set up, acting and plot I started reading comics and I still wanted to burn this movie so it would never be able to be seen again. If there is one thing that makes me want to claw my eyes out than a bad movie, is a bad movie trying to cram a message down my throat. If you are a Zombie lover and need to watch everything, then you’ll have visit ZMD eventually no matter how much I warn you against it. I guess the one compliment I can give this movie is it’s even. Everything fits together and was made with at least focus on the finished product.

I Saw The Devil (2010)

From the worst thing I’ve seen lately to the best thing. This is just a bloody awesome movie that grabbed me by the balls and never let go. My eyeballs were glued to the set, and it ended with me be a greedy bastard and wanting more. The two leads, Byung-hun Lee and Min-sik Choi totally inhabit their roles and the cat and mouse game they played was all the more impressive thank to the two actors. With this role and his role in Oldboy Min-sik Choi is actually becoming one of my favourite actors ever.

Grownups (2010)

People claimed this to be one of the worst movies in 2010. Not only because of it’s quality, but also the fact that it seemed to be just a get together of friends. So I sat down, and watched to see if it’s true. First off, yes this movie should of never been made as all it is, is Sandler using his money to have a party with his friends. But putting that aside it’s a bad movie but not the worst. People who like Sandlers movies might find something to chortle at. And as much as I try to hate Kevin James, I can’t. He has a charm that’s hard to stamp out even in all the drek he does. Still I wish he would get away from Sandler and try and do something a little more serious.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

I keep on underestimating how much animated movies are going to move me. Gosh dang animated movies get off my lawn. Yes I’m implying I’m an old man when it comes to animated movies but I’m still man enough to admit when something tugs at my heartstrings. Cloudy is a visually spectacular movie, with some excellent voice casting and some great comedy that can take a few viewings to take it all in. But beneath all of that is a touching story of father and son and trying to find a way to connect with each other. Oh and huge shout out to the Rat Birds.

Repo: The Genetic Opera (2008)

Still not one hundred percent sure about how I feel about this movie. There are one or two songs that I still hum to myself after watching, and yet I was annoyed by the overall flow of the movie. I think movie musicals are a hard thing to create as there is a difference between allowing the songs to be used to highlight the emotion of a particular scene and having songs in for the sake of having songs in. In this regards Repo is guilty of this and does destroy its plot flow because of it. Still the world is pretty imaginative and Anthony Stewart Head is awesome. Ah this movie makes me so confused.

I'm going to leave you all with one of the best genetic creature creations
ever. God bless you Rat Birds.


  1. Not just Crispin "Naked Nazi Shirley Temple Masturbating With A Riding Crop" Glover, but the ever so awesome William "Sweep The Leg, Johnny" Zabka.

    And also, I picked up I Saw The Devil last night, after having it talked up by most of the OTC nation. I shall watch it most likely tomorrow.

  2. Hope you enjoy it, and that the hype hasn't distorted your expectations.