Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick Movie Reviews: Vol 5

Well it’s the beginning of the month (kind of) and I guess I should do a round up of all the movies I watched last month as I didn’t actually write that many reviews. I know naughty me. But I’m going to have to get back into reviewing movies for the foreseeable future. Not getting into too much but won’t be doing the Comic Pick of the Week for a while. Oh well. So anyway on to the quick reviews.

Tranformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Let’s start this with the important question. Is Transformers Dark of the Moon a good movie? Answer is no. It’s badly put together, characters are just over the top and stupid and there are just some Bayism’s (I made the word up) that are just so strong it made me want to hit myself with a mallet. Did I have a good time watching the movie? I hate to admit this, but yes. There are some comedic moments that worked for me, I could tell what was happening in the fight scenes more than the second movie and the 3D has to be some of the best work I’ve seen in a while. This movie confuses and befuddles me. How can it be such a bad movie and yet I get some enjoyment out of it. It actually a movie I would recommend people to see in 3D at the cinema’s, however once it goes to blue ray and DVD just avoid it, as it’s main merit is no longer applicable.

X-Men First Class (2011)

Saying that this movie is better than X-Men Last Stand and Wolverine is too easy. I’ve read a lot of reviews praising this movie. Let me just say that it’s a good movie, but not a great movie. It’s packed with many ideas and yet doesn’t fully realize the potential of these ideas. Crammed pack full of great performances, it’s let down by how rushed this movie feels. I have no qualms in putting the blame squarely on the studio. Matthew Vaughn has made something really damn good even with the hurdles that were placed before him. Stretched the budget till breaking point (and trust me some of the special effects are close to breaking point), and able to create a blockbuster movie in a short amount of time. While Vaughn should be given a big thumbs up for what he’s done, this isn’t the best summer movie so far, maybe with a bit more time and money it could have been.

Bridesmaids (2011)

This is a funny movie, and no it’s not a chick flick. Some have said that this is like the Hangover but with females. I think this does this movie a disservice as it’s far better than the Hangover. I liked every performance, and it was great to see Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph being the top leads in this movie. There were some moments that milked every uncomfortable moment it could, and that got me squirming in my seat. But there were also some sweet relationships developed, particularly between Wiig’s and Chris O’Dowd’s characters. I would recommend everyone who hasn’t done so take the time to watch this movie. I’m sure you’ll have a good laugh, and it would be nice to see Kristen and Maya get bigger careers from this.

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