Monday, June 27, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week #8

So it would seem I'm a little behind in my blog post but there is a good reason. Nothing actually grabbed out and shook me by the nads enough to make me pay attention. It's all well enough to have the goal to pick a few comics to recommend to people. But pretty much every comic just made me go meh. Okay that's not true but I was looking forward to this week and it seems I got slapped by Marvel and DC for ever giving a damn about their comics.

I guess if I had to recommend anything out it would be Batman: Gates of Gotham issue #2. The first issue was a strong contender for pick of the week way back when, but I think it lost out to some strong competition. Honestly this is a nice story that keeps the reader interested in not only the current era, but the look back at the historical setting of Gotham City as it's just being built. So maybe I should get down to what was really bugging me with all the other books. Not only to get my general frustration out but to all extend this blog update to an acceptable level.

If we look at two of the comics I was looking forward to, I can better explain my attitude this week. Fables #106 and Deadpool #39 were two comics that I couldn't wait for the conclusion. In Deadpools case this was doubly important as I've been suffering burnout on the character, and this is the first arc in a while that I've cared about. Then it rushed to the end, and sorted things out in such a way that it just left me a little cold. I understand that Deadpool isn't the most serious character in the world, and yet this arc was really showing great possibilities for character development. But by rushing towards the end and just getting on with the next story I'm almost ready to quit this series because I want something a bit more.

Fables was also hasty in it's lust for an ending. In fact everything to do with Mr Dark has seemed to be rushed, and when compared to how epic the first Fable story arcs were it's a shame. Basically at the end of the last issue we have Mr North and Mr Dark ready to have a huge battle that I thought would shake the Fableverse. Instead it all resolved pretty quickly (I won't tell you what happens except for the fact that it's quick), and then we get all the fallout, which doesn't seem earned because the battle was so quick. Also threads that were started are dropped and just made me feel like I had wasted my time for reading them as nothing ever came of it. However, unlike Deadpool I'm not going to be dropping Fables any time soon. Fables is well written 99% of the time, with this being a rare stumble. Also everything that led up to the battle was fun, just the pay off did make me feel cheated.

So there you have it. Not so much a pick of the week as a more gripe of the week. But still do yourself a favour and go and get Gates of Gotham.

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