Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week #7

Well Marvel, Millar is leaving huh? Well there goes my interest in the ultimate universe. You’re cancelling Uncanny X-Men huh? Well I just started so thanks for that. I’m still suffering from Deadpool burnout and while I’m enjoying the Hulk story at the moment, but I’m getting the feeling I might be dropping it soon as Deadpool is just doing it for me any more. Finally Fear Itself is just doing it for me.

On the other hand I love Flashpoint. Especially this week as you will see.  Also I’m getting excited for the DC Relaunch. Sure there are some things that I’m not a fan of (Wally, Wally, where for thou art my Wally), but I can see my DC regular orders going up after the relaunch.

I’m not sure what all this means. Oh hang on yes I do. I’m pretty close to becoming DC exclusive. DC has already given me the engagement rings. I favourite is the orange one.

Uncanny X-Men #538: Thus ends the Breakworld story. I will say I really enjoyed it, and actually had a nerd squee moment with Wolverine last issue and that continued into this one. I think the writing has been really solid, and it gets me excited for the future of this comic. Oh wait. Still it should be a pleasant ride till the end of the series. Also this comic had my favourite line, courtesy of Dr Nemesis, “I hate space-ninjas! I hate all ninjas!”

Hellblazer #280: Peter Milligan is awesome, and his run on Hellblazer has been astounding. Getting John hitched was a plot development that could have begun a downward spiral in the writing department, but the relationship between John and Epiphany is well realised. This issue is really ramping up the stakes with John’s niece turning on her Uncle, while her revenge is focused on John I get the feeling that Epiphany is going to be dragged into the overall story. Let’s just sum it up, this story has me on the edge of my seat.

Legion of Doom #1: I thought that this was an interesting story, but it didn’t seem destined for my pick of the week. Then it happened, the final page, and suddenly I knew that I had to mention this issue. First off, obviously being the final page I can’t make mention of it, needless to say it was the use of a characters ability that I really loved, and it’s yet again gives Flashpoint this really groovy Elseworld feel. Can I really make a comic one of my picks of the week on just one scene? Damn straight this is my blog.

Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1: The art really impressed me, and I like how this particular Flashpoint fleshes out the world. I will also admit that one of my favourite television shows is Carnivale and this might make me slightly biased towards the whole travelling circus angle. Still I like how this seems to be using Dr Fate as a messenger of the destiny that was messed up for the world. Not just nods to a now alive Grayson family but the world in general. I’m hoping that this will be part of the bigger picture of the Flashpoint story.

Grodd of War #1: This was just a one shot and yet I really wish there was more. Gorilla Grodd is a fascinating villain; he has conquered all of Africa, is feared by many, and yet has a massive death wish. There is no real plot in this comic, more a snap shot of a villain getting everything he wanted. There are implications for the bigger picture, but this is really just a sit back, read, and get to know a villain. Something we don’t always get the pleasure in seeing.

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