Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week #6

So I guess the big comic news out there is that DC is rebooting the entire universe. I must say at first I was kind of excited, but while there are some titles that I’m looking forward to, nothing has really grabbed me by my Batmans. Also why does the Bat Family have 11 titles and yet there is no consideration to things like Secret Six? Honestly this relaunch just doesn’t seem like it will change anything other than costumes.

Still having said all that we must wait and see before we can truly reach a verdict. I know us nerds tend to like to jump the gun, but I know that I’m still going to be buying all of the first issues. I’ll wait to I know a little bit more, but if anything is going to start getting me excited for this relaunch it’s going to be the Green Lantern books. I would have added Flash to that list but it looks like they’ve taken my sweet Wally away. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So let’s get down to my favourite comics of the week.

Deadpool #38: Recent story line see’s Deadpool want to hook up with his one true love, Death. Unfortunately Deadpool has this whole can’t die thing, so he decides that there is only one man who can possibly help him. The Hulk. So begins a fun filled issue of Deadpool pissing off the Hulk all in order to die and finally get a date. This is the kind of Deadpool story that I like, fun, action packed and just a dash of thoughtful story at the core. Also the last page was a nice reminder of the character development Deadpool has gone through. I must say I’ve been suffering severe burnout when it comes to Mr Wilson, and this is a shame considering he is one of my favourite characters (I liked Deadpool before he was cool, *hipster moment*). But this issue has given me a refresh.

Batman Arkham City #2: Like movies based of games, comics suffer the same stigma. I recently got the inFamous mini series, and sure enough I kind of liked it because I love the game, but the comic was lacking. Yet here I am reading the comic that is bridging the gap between the two games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and really digging it. I was waiting for the second issue to drop the ball but it hasn’t. The art is pretty good, but the true strength of this comic is the fact it’s written by Paul Dini, the man behind the plots of the games, but more importantly the awesome Batman Animated Series. I’ve only got three issues left, but I wish that Paul Dini was put permanently in charge of a Batman book.

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1: Probably my favourite comic of this week. It surprised me and just was nothing but good times for me. I have a love of the Universal Monsters and this just tapped into that. Now the story itself isn’t that complicated, but there is action, there is a decent pace and as I said it’s fun. With Flashpoint, a lot of the comics related to it seem very serious, and this was just a nice diversion. The take on Frankenstein is a unique one, and I was digging this moralistic monster. I’m hoping that with further issues we will get to know the other characters in the group. Can’t wait to get me some more monster action.

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