Saturday, June 4, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week #5

So this week was a big one for me, thanks to both Fear Itself and Flashpoint. I’m enjoying both these events to some degree but there are a few things that are starting to get to me.

With Flashpoint things are really moving slow. I know that we’ve got three months worth of comics ahead of us so it can’t be too fast, yet at the same time The Flash series before was a pretty slow affair and we need things to ramp up. As for the side content, I’m hooked with the alternative reality, but I’m going to need more than coolness of a new setting to get me through the next few months. Also with DC announcing that Flashpoint is going to be the big reset event after August, they better start getting me interested in that. (What’s that? I’ve already decided to get all 52 first issues when the relaunch occurs. Um, well, look over there.)

As for Fear Itself I have to admit it seems to be having the opposite problem. Things are going so quick and the actual story beats are gone before we have real time to soak it in. For instance Fear Itself as been leading up to a war in Washington DC, well book two gave it all of 2-3 pages, and bam done. I’m sorry, shouldn’t that be taking slightly more time in the main comic of this event. Sure in issue 3 there is the aftermath, but it seems to be going way too quickly for my liking.

Having said all that I’m still enjoying both these events, I just wish I was being wowed a little more. Anyway that was the round up of the two big events, now onto my favourite comics of this week.

Uncanny X-Force #11: I’ve been really enjoying everything this series has to offer, and now it gives me more of the Age of Apocalypse. Now I really enjoyed the Age of Apocalypse and it was the first big event that I really got my hooks into. Revisiting this world is kind of cool, and being there with this team is even better. Also this comic series probably give us my favourite depiction of Deadpool currently. There are better versions of the Merc with the Mouth, but this is a fine enough job.

World of Flashpoint #1: Out of everything I got this week, this was a purchase I just got because of its link to Flashpoint. Funnily it’s turned out to be my favourite of the Flashpoint stories so far. I like the character of Traci and the dynamic with her father. I thought that this was set up pretty damn well. Also the story of humanities response to the current war between the Amazons and Atlantis intrigued me and offered me a glimpse at the bigger picture of Flashpoint, something which was lacking in all the other Flashpoint stuff. I’m really looking forward to the next issue.

Fear Itself – The Deep: Yet again another side story in a huge event that grabbed my attention. Was it having the focus on Namor? Maybe. Was it having a threat to Namor so large it made him shut up for ten seconds? Oh hell yeah. Add into that Dr Strange and a reassembling of the Defenders (kind of) and I’m excited. In one issue this has got me involved with the characters, which is more than the main Fear Itself story. I just hope it can keep up, and isn’t pressured by what seems to be immense time pressure; on this entire event run.

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