Sunday, May 15, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week - Batman Incorporated #6

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham

I’ve done two of these so far, (three if you count the review I did for Girl on Book Action, a blog you should head to after you’ve read this) and I realised that I just haven’t read enough comics to give a really in-depth review of the comics that I pick. This doesn’t mean that I’m stopping but more that I’m just going to approach these reviews with a lighter touch. Of course then first comic up after I decide this is Batman Incorporated which is anything but a comic that uses a light touch. Let me explain.

Way back when I was directed to start reading Grant Morrison’s run of Batman starting with the trade Batman and Son. Over the course of the four trades I was amazed at how layered Morrison made his story. At the end of Batman RIP, I went back and noticed little touches all over the place. Not only that but Morrison looked back into Batman’s past and brought forward elements that might have been long forgotten. However this was not the end. I’ve still got some reading to catch up with, particularly some Batman and Robin trades and The Return of Bruce Wayne. However when it was announced that Batman Inc was being done I hoped on.

As with Morrisons other Batman work, Batman Inc is a dense story, you can see the threads of what has happened before, as well as things being set up. I might be a little lost, but Morrison is able to create this layered story with a sense of fun. There is a good deal of humour that never derails the story, and a respect for the camp entertainment Batman once was, but not getting so campy that it undermines the seriousness of the story. Issue six really manages to push every aspect that I love about this series, as well as show all the cogs of Batman’s plan beginning to work. Also on a side note, being an Aussie I love the fact that Melbourne now has its own Batman.

The art by Chris Burnham is very detailed, and matches the writing style of Morrison. He does a great job in capturing the individuality of each character, especially when there are multiple batmen in the scene. Also I admired the neat little details in the background. If I have one complaint about this issue, it would be an art one. I’m not sure what the thought behind it was, but some of the close ups of Bruce freaked me the hell out. Why? The eyes. Those were some scary damn eyes. But this is really a very minor complaint. This happens in two maybe three panels so it’s not the biggest issue.

Overall this comic gave me a fun ride and an engrossing over arching story that I want to see to the end. This particular issue really promises great things, and with Morrison’s track record with Batman it’s most assuredly going to end with a smile on my face. Now bring on issue seven, my brain hungers for more awesome.

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