Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Censor Parents

For those who don’t have a finger on the pulse of the entire gaming world, a few issues have come up in regards to Australia and it’s game ratings, and how we seem to be a little bit of a laughing stock when it comes to our censorship. Now I won’t be getting into this issue full on, as I have friends who are a hundred times more informed than me. However with all the talk happening, it did get me thinking about censorship and more importantly how game/movie ratings are used as excuses to not look after children and not take responsibility over choices.

Let me first say that the Australian ratings board is broken. How can GTA4 get through on an MA15+ rating while Mortal Kombat is not only refused classification, but gets put on a black list as a big no no to ever own. Now at this point I’m not arguing over the violent content of Mortal Kombat, it’s just to me playing a character who sells drugs, guns people down, and basically causes mayhem is far more dangerous in the wrong hands than a game that has over the top violence that would never be able to be duplicated in a 100 years. (I say 100 because who knows what mutations me may have past that) The fact is we in Australia need an R18+ rating for games, so that we actually have not only an effective guide for people, but one that isn’t hypocritical.
Australian Ratings: Everything past MA15+ is not
applicable to games. Also the X18+ is for adult
entertainment. Hooha.
But as I said above I’m not going to dwell, when my anger should be directed at its rightful source. You see I’m beginning to get tired of hearing parents use the rating systems for both games and movies as the definitive answer to what their children should watch and play. I’m sorry but this is a load of horse crap, and firmly gives some shoddy parents the excuse of, ‘well it’s not my fault my kid went ballistic, I only showed them what I was told I could show them.’ Wrong. Your kid went ballistic because you couldn’t care enough to monitor him, and instead used the TV as a form of baby sitting. I know this isn’t aimed at all parents, most parents are good parents, otherwise we would already be living in a Mad Max style world, but the numbers have to be increasing and it’s really starting to piss me off.

My wonderful parents actually allowed me to watch some R18+ movies when I was only 11-12. They knew I really wanted to watch them, and so decided to let me but they actually monitored me as I watched them. They would have pulled the plug on the experiment as soon as I started behaving funny. They realized that it doesn’t matter about what the rating says, they are responsible and therefore they are the ones who will make the decision on what I watch. Sure the ratings guides are there to be used as (drum roll), guides, but they are not meant to be the law. Every child is different, every situation is different, and people need to take responsibility for their decisions, and not let it all hang on the ratings systems.
A world of half naked men, and car gangs await us if we don't take responsibility.

Now, the big question is why do I think that this is a very important issue? Enough to get me angry, and write this blog entry, and probably suffer the slings and arrows of many a troll. Simple. The more people we have not taking responsibility, the more people who use the ratings guide as a law, the more power that is given to the ratings guide. Suddenly you have problems, like what are occurring in Australia. At the moment Australia is trying to get a R18+ rating for games, however it’s being held up by a sense of apathy (by most in power) and of course pressure by people who want things to stay the same. Some people have been defeated, some hurdles jumped, and yet there are always people who want things to stay the same way even if this is a disservice to the whole. These people are ones who see the current Ratings Guides as the be all and end all, and of course are against the filth that might leak into childrens ears from the childhood assassins. However we all should be intelligent enough to make the call on what we watch and let our children watch, without people giving power to someone to create government regulation.

Look I’m not the most knowledgeable person in the world. The fact that I get my blog out at a somewhat semi regular basis is a wonder. The Monkey Cage if anything is something for me to get the anger out. The reason I post it, is maybe it might help people. But after all this I guess the one thing you should take away from this is people have to be given responsibility again. If a child does something horrendous, then the questions shouldn’t be directed at what they watch, hear or play, but rather at the people who have taken responsibility for them. Also getting away from children, people themselves should not be allowed to use the television, movies or game as a shield against their actions. Sure most don’t get away with it, but some have fed the media a little and suddenly they are the victim. Just be good to each other people.

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  1. Anonymous10.5.11

    i couldn't agree with you more. I find it strange that we in Aus don't have an adults only raqting for games.

    Yes i believe parents should take responsibility for what thier kids play and watch.

    As a parent myself, i know it is up to my patner and I to censor our own child. And we do. Mind you i've seen some ok M rated stuff and Some PG stuff which raised a few eyebrows.

    What we do is that if we are usure our daughter might have issues with something she watches or plays we st with her and encourage her to talk about some of the difficult concepts.

    It pisses me of when i hear other parents say _ i let my child wach do this beacuse it had PG on it. and there was some real bad stuff on it, how dare the govt not do thier job properly. WTF -- PG = Parental Guidance, THE PARENT IS SUPPOSE TO PROVIDE GUIDANCE - Get a grip folks.

    Thanks for my rant