Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Movie Reviews: Vol 3

Well thanks to being sick I’ve gotten behind with my blog posts yet again. But I certainly haven’t been slouching in the watching of movies department. In fact I’ve managed to watch a few classic that I’ll be reviewing at a later date. By classic of course I mean Vampire Girl vs Frakenstein Girl. See classic. Anyway enough with the small talk onto todays three movies.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

I haven’t seen a court room drama in a while that managed to really grab my attention. But low and behold The Lincoln Lawyer manages it thanks to the absolutely wonderful performance by Mr Abs himself Mathew McConaughey. Other than the central performance, the story is pretty decent and did have me wondering how everything fit together. Walking out of this movie I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and was grateful for the refresher course on McConaughey’s acting ability. I am actually a fan of court room drama’s and remember the string of Grisham adaptations that hit the cinema’s. However since then I can’t really remember me enjoying one that much, (maybe Primal Fear but I think that came out in the Grisham era) so it was nice to be taken back to a genre that has been a little neglected in the current age.

Sucker Punch (2011)

So far this has to be the biggest disappointment of the year. I’m not going to tear it apart like a lot of other reviewers as it does have some good points. First off it is visually appealing and I did like some of the ideas for the dreamscapes, most of the girls seemed keen to give everything they had into the performance even if the material didn’t really allow them much development. For me the major problem of this movie was an emotional core that needed to be present right from the get go. The movie seemed too keen on its own set up, that it forgot that it needs to hook the audience early on. However I will note that I know that people did find that at the end of the movie there was more of an emotional impact. Its weird how this just never became my cup of tea.

The Green Hornet (2011)

Well I finally managed to watch this. I never saw it at the cinemas as I didn’t want to pay the price for a 3D showing. After watching this movie I’m glad I did as there is nothing in this movie that justifies it being converted into a 3D movie. Still it proved to be an entertaining film and I have yet not really suffered from Seth Rogen over exposure. However while I was entertained for the run time there wasn’t really anything that made it stand out from the glut of superhero movies. I was hoping maybe for more comedy but it actually did try and take itself rather seriously, however serious and Seth don’t really work. Christopher Waltz shows up as the main villain and while it’s an interesting take on a villain I don’t think he’s helped with the strongest writing in the world. I did love his gun. Finally I think the reason why I enjoyed this movie more than I should was it was nice to see action happen and be able to watch it without shaky cam, or MTZ editing.


  1. Re: Sucker Punch; I still maintain that it didn't need the last 5/10 minutes. It should have ended at the Incident At Mill Creek Bridge moment, not insisting on giving us the comeuppance and obvious coda of obviousness on the bus. And we really didn't need that annoying and cloying final line.

    Asides from that it was a decent popcorn actioner with some pretty good music (apart from that godawful version of Where Is My Mind).

  2. Problem was that Zack Snyder obviously wanted this movie to be more than just a popcorn actioner. That's why I think it failed. If he instead just concentrated on the cheese factor than maybe. But there was amibition here to really hit with a massive and meaningful movie, but like Southland Tales (another mess) it was destroyed by it's own beautiful idea. So now all that's left is to sift through the gorgeous wreckage of a movie. I still think that it got bashed by critics too harshly but it is a very flawed movie.