Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comic Pick of the Week – Xombi #2

Writer: John Rozum

Artist: Frazer Irving

Stealing an idea from iFanboy (A podcast you should really listen to), I’m now introducing a new section into my blog rotation. Every week I’ll go through the comics I’ve purchased and pick one that in my mind stood out from the rest. Now what better place to start than the next instalment of Xombi, a comic I already reviewed for Girl on Book Action (a blog you should all be reading). The first issue really got me intrigued and I must say the second issue seems to have topped the first so I’m here for the long haul. Without further ado lets looks into issue 2 of Xombi.

I’ll first get to the art as this was one of my main complaints with issue 1. I felt that barring that last page, it seemed a little to clean to represent the inherent weirdness of the world being presented. I’m pleased to say that issue 2 makes me eat my words, and seeming that it is far more action packed it’s really starting to do the story justice. If there is one problem that I have, it’s the backgrounds tend to just become blank colours. Now I’m not too sure if this is an effort to create mood through colours; but it just makes some of the panels a little bland. Still the art in my mind is an improvement on the first and I’m happy enough with it, that it won’t be distracting me away from the main story.

Yet again the world that John Rozum is just grand. Weird, disturbing, original and yet based on all our myths and legends, there is just something about the world David Kim inhabits that is a joy to read, especially for those with a love for horror and more macabre things in life. In this particular issue we get some characters development for the main character David and yet it does its job without halting the entire story. It helps that the man behind this reboot of the series is also the one who original started the series. Also his take on the various creatures is interesting with a blending of what is already in our culture, and his own slight variations.

Compared to the first issue, the second really hits the action. We have fights with Snow Angels, dead Halloween children and of course the Nun superhero group. Also we meet the main bad guy Finch. Sure things are still a little up in the air, what does David Kim have to do with it all? What does John Church have to do with Finch’s plans? Also there seems to be some holy elements entering the fray and it does get me asking how involved the church was in the prisoner break out? The fact is the story is keeping its cards close to it’s chest but it’s giving enough interesting ideas to allow for the plot to retain flow. If however it were to become something like Lost and just introduce too many weird elements, it could just bring everything to a screeching halt. But at the moment I’m still intrigued and want to see where it’s all going.

The main reason why this was my pick of the week, was that it stood out from the crowd in regards to its world. It’s unique and something we haven’t seen a thousand times. I also want to give it a little bit of hype, as I’m hoping that this series will be around for a while. Of course the biggest thing will be if the end justifies everything that is being thrown at the reader. If you’re a fan of horror comics, or are just looking for something that is different to the spandex clad superheroes then I would say grab a copy. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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