Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disgruntled Monkey's 2011 Movies He Wants To See.

Hello readers. It’s time to put out my list of movies I’m looking forward to this year. Of course I’m sure there will be plenty of movies that sneak out of the wood work later on. But for various reasons these just seem to be the ones that have already got me anxious to see.

I've tried to link any trailers that may be out there for these movies. Just click on the titles.

Drive Angry – Nic Cage in an action movie that looks glorious in its cheesy light. Cars meets demons meets revenge flick.

Battle Los Angeles – This alien invasion story just looks awesome. The fact that Mr Aaron Eckhart is on board just gets me more excited. I believe in Harvey Dent.

Sucker Punch – Zack Snyder is making his first original movie. All you need to know is it has a scene where a school girl with a katana, attacks a giant robot samurai with a Gatling gun.
Source Code – Moon has to be one of my favourite movies. Now Duncan Jones is back with another Science Fiction movie and a bigger budget.

Your Highness – Stoner Fantasy movie. Do I need to go on?

Priest – Non Twilight vampires, post apocalyptic world, vampire hunting priest and Karl Urban just being plain awesome. You had me at non twilight vampires.
The Tree of Life – This just looks like a beautiful film and I get the same buzz watching the trailer as I did with The Fountain which is on my top ten films.

Cowboys & Aliens – Now if you scoff at the title I need you to take a deep breathe for me. Cowboys are awesome, Aliens are cool. Together you have a movie that will just kick ass.

Sherlock Holmes 2 – Two words. Stephen Fry. Three more words. As Mycroft Holmes. This has sold a ticket for me.
Fast 5 – You know what. I like this series of movies. Sure they aren’t the best thing ever but I can dig them. This one introduces us to The Rock. Rock vs Vin Diesel is the PPV I’ve been waiting for.

The Muppets – Jason Segal really does seem like the right person to give us a new Muppet movie. Remember he did give us the Rock Muppet Musical about Dracula in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Cedar Rapids – This looks like one of those indie comedies that many people will fall head over heels for. Thing is it looks like it can back whatever promise this may mean up.
Hanna – Little girl assassin trained by her dad Eric Bana finally starts her mission. This movie has seemed to come from nowhere.

Red State – Okay Kevin Smith your trailer looked pretty interesting. Time to prove to all the critics what you’re capable of; I think you have your big chance with this movie.


  1. I'm looking forward to many of those movies as well, especially Sucker Punch and Cowboys and Aliens.

  2. Cowboys and Aliens just seems to be something different. At least different to me. I'm keen to see how Snyder goes with his first original work.

  3. Tree of Life is my big "come from nowhere" film. I'd not even heard of it until Bill and Chris mentioned it, then basically fell head over heels for it.