Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Disgruntled Monkey's Top 6 Movie Soundtracks

Greetings on this holiday season. Oh what am I doing you ask? Why listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. I tell you what those French Robots sure know how to put together some groovy tunes. I can’t wait to see the movie. But this does make me think about all the soundtracks I’ve listened to and enjoyed over the years. They truly can make or break a film.

So to celebrate the awesomeness that is the soundtrack I’ve decided to do a Top 6 List of my favourite soundtracks. Afterwards I’ll also put a list out there of soundtracks other people like. I’ve done this through the most stringent of surveys, i.e. I just asked people on Twitter what were some of their favourite soundtracks.

Before I get on with the list I will mention I’ve deliberately left off Inception and Tron: Legacy soundtracks as they are pretty recent but they would be heavy contenders for this list. Anyway on with the show.

6: Plunkett & Macleane – Craig Armstrong

I find this soundtrack just really fun and different. It blends the classic score with some techno themes. This really allows the score to amplify the movie which also took a period piece idea and tried to infuse it with a modern sensibility. Off the top of my head my favourite songs from the soundtrack are Hanging, Escape, Ball and Childhood

5: Ink – Jamin Winan

Yes I know I just reviewed this movie but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack since last year. Ink’s soundtrack is just a beautiful piece of work that truly shows how story can be improved thanks to its soundtrack. As a separate entity the music is haunting, chilling and at times beautiful and aptly reflects the dream world it is trying to enhance. Who You Were would have to be my favourite track of the lot.

4: The Fountain – Clint Mansell

Okay I’m going to level with you all; at the end of The Fountain I was wrecked and crying. Much of this was due to the emotional impact delivered thanks to the music. While I love the movie I can’t help but feel that this score is the true hero of what captured me long ago. For my money the track Death is the Road to Awe is basically everything this soundtrack is working up to.

3: Blade Runner – Vangelis

I can remember looking out of my unit at a dark grey day, the rain creating a haze where you could barely see the neon lights of the city, and there I was sitting back drinking coffee and listening to this soundtrack. Perfect is the word that comes to mind. Blade Runner was the first soundtrack I purchased and will always have a place in my heart. Magical, beautiful, melancholy. Memories of Green would be my pick of the bunch though it’s hard to do

2: Southland Tales – Moby

Yes there is more than just Moby doing songs on this soundtrack but Moby does give us the brunt with many songs. When it comes to Soundtrack Moby knows what he’s doing and this is not different. While you can argue over the merits of the movie I’m just transfixed by the score every time. It’s not overpowering, it just sits in the background adding to the oddity of what the movie is about. Best track for me is Memory Gospel which is laid back yet also a sad piece.

1: 28 Days Later – John Murphy

This is my favourite soundtrack because like most of my choices on my top 6 there is a sad quality to it but there is something slightly different at least in my mind. Without a doubt what I’ve imprinted on is the reprieve from the despair in the soundtrack. Key songs throughout the soundtrack bring warmth and hope that most of the soundtrack/movie is lacking. Looking over most my choices I can see similar themes but at the end of the day two songs trump all the other players on this list; Franks Death and In the House – In a Heartbeat. I think I’ve written more work or created more story ideas to those two pieces of work than any other song.

Before We Call This:

I would just like to speak a little on a man called Hans Zimmer. Now while none of his albums hit my top 6 he has to be my favourite composer at the moment. I’m pretty sure given time you’ll see Inception rock up the charts. But looking through my iTunes collection I can see I have 6 of his albums which is more than any other soundtrack composer and I do listen to them on a fairly regular basis.

So on the note of Hans Zimmer I end this blog entry. Please find below the many other recommendations from myself and the people of the Twitterverse. If people have suggestions of their own that don’t show up please feel free to write down in the comments. I’m always looking for more movie soundtracks to listen to.

Other Soundtrack Recommendations:

Highlander, Pulp Fiction, Top Gun, Joe vs the Volcano, The Crow, Gladiator, Blues Brothers, The Big Chill, The Last Samurai, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, 300, Sweeney Todd, Spawn, The Fountain, Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Unbreakable, Inception, Tron: Legacy, The Thin Red Line, Sunshine, The Book of Eli, The Social Network, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Road to Perdition, Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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