Monday, April 26, 2010

Review - Kickass (2010)

“Fuck this shit, I'm getting the bazooka!”

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Starring: Aaron Johnson, Mark Strong, Chloe Mortez, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Screenplay: Jane Goldman

Plot: Dave Livewski is a regular high school student who loves comic books. One day he is inspired by all these comic books to become Kick-Ass, a superhero. Through a series of events he gets drawn into the world of real superheros and the villains that pervade that world. Out of his depth he has a few hard lessons coming his way.

I watched this movie a few weeks back but I’ve only come to reviewing it now as I wanted it to sink in. I’ve already heard a few peoples view points and didn’t want to jump on any bandwagon. So after the wait how did I feel about this movie? I did like it, there was plenty of things that make me want to watch this again, yet I don’t think the movie is all that. Maybe people have taken a shine to this movie and are building it up too much.

First off let’s get this out of the way. Nicolas Cage is just awesome as Big Daddy and his Adam West impersonation had me laughing big time. I’m glad a movie of his has come out that at least gives me evidence to point to when I say he’s a good actor. Chloe Mortez also steals nearly every scene she is in as Hit Girl. It’s amazing how much presence this girl has at her age and I’m sure she will be an actress to be reckoned with when she’s older. Now on to Aaron Johnson who is the title character. If he had been bad it wouldn’t have mattered how good the side characters were the movie would have failed. A big thumbs up to the boy, as he balances serious and comedy very well and creates a character that you do give a damn about especially when the movie goes into darker territory.

Now story wise people have really broken down the meanings and messages of this film as if it means to be deep. Arguments have also come up in regards to one character and whether the depiction of the character is going to cause harm. Personally I watched this movie and thought it was pretty light and breezy with some darker moments to emphasise that these people don’t actually have super powers and when bad stuff happens to them they sometimes can’t escape. Once I left the movie I was happy enough but wasn’t over thinking anything. Some have said kids are going to be harmed by watching this movie, my response is duh, but this isn’t a kid’s movie. Watch this movie but don’t try to bring too much to it as you may miss the tongue and cheek that are very present.

Look wise Matthew Vaughn has really created a very crisp, beautiful look to the world and really switches up the story telling technique to keep the audience interested. The Big Daddy flashback which was done as a comic book really stuck with me and is made all the better with Mr Cage doing the voiceover. There is also a pitch black shoot out scene that in the beginning starts with the viewpoint of the person with night vision goggles. Very cool and yet again sticks out and gives this movie a real variety. I can remember the same kind of interest in the visuals when I watched Layer Cake. Matthew Vaughn is a great in throwing interesting things at the audience but never having it derail the actual story.

I liked this movie but I don’t see why it’s causing so much talk. It’s a funny movie that mocks superhero movies while being a serious take on the genre. Don’t bring your kids to it but if you’re a fan of the superhero genre or offbeat action movies take a chance and you will probably find a movie that you enjoy, as well as an awesome performance by Nicolas Cage.


  1. I have a feeling that I may be disappointed due to the high expectations I'm having for this one right now... either way, I can't wait to see it.

  2. Hopefully it will live up to some of the hype for you. As I said it's a good movie but I just don't see what all the hub bub is about.