Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HBA: Top Ten Supernatural List

Horror Blogger Allliance has just released it's first Top Ten films and I was part of the process. Woot me for being part of the solution and not the problem. Anyway I thought as a way to keep tabs on my stuff etc that everytime this happens I will post the overall results from HBA and then throw up my list. One thing to note my top ten is not in any order and the HBA list is.

If people want my reasons for my choices they can call me out on the films. I'll defend them as much as I can. As for the HBA list there is only one movie that I have a problem with on the list and it's more a personal preference. That movie The Shining. It all has to do with Jack Nicholsons acting. He is a great madman, problem is there is no decent into madness he's just mad in this movie and gets madder. Don't worry though sport fans if it came down to this movie and the mini series i'm picking this movie. Sorry Mr King.

HBA List
1. The Shining
2. The Haunting
3. Poltergeist
4. The Exorcist
5. The Changeling
6. The Fog
7. Suspiria
8. The Others
9. Rosemary's Baby
10. The Legend of Hell House

My List
Silent Hill
The Exorcist
The Ninth Gate
The Frightners
Lord of Illusion
Event Horizon
In The Mouth Of Madness
Drag Me To Hell

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