Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disgruntled Monkey's Top 10 Movies of 2009

Well after a long break I'm back and I'll do what most bloggers have done and release my top ten movies of 2009. Hopefull this will be the start of consistent updates.

(the author wishes to submit that these are his opinions and not the actual best movies of 2009)

10: Zombieland – Since I saw the trailer I've been looking forward to the movie, it wasn’t a disappointment. Woody Harrelson is just fantastic in his role as the uber zombie killer we wish we all were and the rules for zombie survival are funny but useful. Just a good zombie movie that stands out from the crowd.

09: Where The Wild Things Are – This is low as it was just a difficult movie to get through. I liked it, I thought the visuals were great but there was something underlying it all that was uncomfortable. Still a great movie that captures childhood and I would recommend this to people who like the book.

08: Up – I cried twice in this movie and that’s the power of Pixar. They don’t make children movies they make family movies capable of touching everyone no matter the age. Visually I think this is Pixar’s best.

07: Coraline – Both this and Up are great movies however I think the visual style of Coraline speaks to me a little more. Oh and it has Scottish Terrier Vampire Bats how can you go wrong with that. The story of being careful what you wish for also hits a little closer than Up’s story.

06: Star Trek – I’m a little bit of a trekkie and a few years back when I heard about the first rumblings of the movie I was worried. How could you top Shatner and Nimoy? Well watch this movie and find out. Smart, packed full of awesome special effects and great acting this was the first big blockbuster out of the gates this year and it showed people how it was done.

05: The Hangover – This was a very funny movie and was a breathe of fresh air when it came to the R rated comedy. A very simple structured plot that never over stayed it’s welcome.

04: Inglorious Basterds – This is simply the best Tarrantino movie out there. Every single scene is a lesson in building tension. See this movie!

03: Drag Me To Hell – Old school Sam Raimi horror movie that made me laugh and most importantly scared me. After this movie I was on such a buzz I knew that this movie would be on my top ten of the year. This also made me fall in love with Alison Lohman.

02: District 9 – My god did this movie kick seven shades of butt. This was made for $30 million dollars and looks better than some of the blockbusters that came out this year. Also the acting makes you care about what happens and I was amazed at the emotional connection I had with Christopher the alien.

01: Watchmen – The big daddy of 2009 movies for me. I am a fan of the graphic novel and I had faith in Zack Snyder. What he gave us was a movie that was as close to perfect as he could get. Some things are changed, some actors are not the best but god damn is this a layered film. Not to everyone’s taste but seeming this is my list this is number one.

Of course there were some movies that I missed this year that I really wanted to see. Below is a list of those films that I wish I saw.

Men Who Stare At Goats
The Brothers Bloom
Red Cliff
Law Abiding Citizen
Up In The Air
Whip It
The Road
Crank High Voltage
Black Dynamite
The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day
Halloween 2

And that's your lot. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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