Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wrestling Isn't Fake!!!!

Okay I know what the title says but yes I know wrestling is fake but damn do I love it. Fun story lines, fun gimmicks and its just a great thing to watch while chilling out. Now in the world of wrestling there are two men that I greatly admire. One I would class as a hero of mine, the other is just a bright light in the current industry. I'll start with the bright light.

Mike Quackenbush: This man is just a great wrestler, there hasn't been a single match i've seen him in that has bored me. Just the stuff he comes up with is always exciting. He is a great speaker, athletic and intelligent. He also is in the independant circuit and you won't catch him on WWE or TNA, which is a bonus as if he wasn't allowed his creative freedom then you wouldn't see his excellence. Everything that i've heard about him is a positive and unlike some professional wrestlers he will actually put over young talent. Excuse me for a moment.


There I have that out of my system. In 2002 he created Chikara, an independat wrestling fed that has family appeal yet also offers some of the most innovative wrestling i've ever seen. Yes it may not be on television but it beats Vince McMahons WWE in everyway that is important. My hat goes off to this man as whenever some horrible crap is pulled off in WWE or TNA I turn to Chikara and see how wrestling should be.

Mick Foley: He isn't the prettiest, he isn't that athletic, he doesn't have his own federation and people could say he's made some bad decisions but damn it he has heart and he has been able to touch fans with not only what he has done in the ring but also with his writing.

Mick is a hero of mine and his writing is something I always go back to when i'm feeling down. Every success he has earned, and he has shed a lot of blood for his fans. Reading his autobiography he has a great sense of humor and can readily make fun of himself. He has reached many highs (was a WWE Champion) and I can remember when he first captured the WWE Champion title I was cheering as only a kid can do. I think the other thing that I love about him is that if you take a look at some of his matches, especially his ECW and Japanese matches you learn that wrestling isn't as fake as some people believe. Mick has the scars to prove it.

Well that's the two men I admire the most in the world of wrestling. I probably will touch more on wrestling as the blog progresses but I know it's not everyones cup of tea. Also speaking of people I admire in wrestling I don't think I can end this without at least mentioning Victoria. Her real name is Lisa Marie Varon, she wrestled as Victoria on WWE and is now wrestling as Tara on TNA. Now I won't go into her too much as I don't want to be considered a stalker or crazy person but not only is she attractive, not only can she wrestle but she is funny as hell. Her genius knows no bounds. I'll enter the next picture as evidence. Just awesome. See everyone next time.

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