Friday, June 19, 2009

A Good Direction To Start

To get a start on this whole blog thing, I thought I would take a look at a Director that I greatly admire and would class as a hero of mine. If you haven't guessed from the photo to the left, that director is Frank Darabont.

Before he became a director he was a screenwriter for Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Fly 2 and The Blob remake. Already at that point I was drawn to his work as I liked The Fly 2 (though nothing can touch Cronenberg), Elm Street 3 is my favourite of the series and I had nightmares as a small child thanks to the Blob remake.

However it was a film he wrote and directed that cemented him as someone who through artistic means could touch me. That movie was of course The Scrimshaw Redemption, um sorry, The Shawshank Redemption. It was a movie that touched many people and was not only a brilliant jail movie but a touching story of two friends. Other movies to his credit are the Green Mile, The Majestic and a movie that completely carved me up inside The Mist.

A little on The Mist. Being older i've grown to appreciate not only the story in the movie but the story of how the movie is made. Listening to Mr Darabont you really get the sense that here is a man who is in love with what he does and with genre pictures. When people come up to me and scoff at horror movies Frank Darabont is someone I point to so they will shut up. The Mist is made with passion behind it, a love a creepy icky monsters and a focused mind that builds upon a simple premise with thought provoking themes.

Finally everytime i've heard the man speak he comes across very intelligent but yet not up himself. He loves what he does, he has his views on the industry and he is able to appreciate movies in all their forms.

Anyway there you have it. This is pretty much what my blog will be. Just a place I can talk about the things I love and hopefully share that love with others.

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