Friday, September 18, 2009

Selling Out is Dirty.

I'm sick and tired of everyone accusing everyone of being a sell out. It's an insult that just does not work for most people given that title. A lot of the people who yell out the two words sell and out are often jealous of other peoples success and have to undermine the things people do. Trawling the internet I've found a definition of what sell out means.

One who betrays a cause for personal advancement.

Sounds pretty simple but then how does this apply to an athlete who moves from one team to another. Here is a guide. Athlete number one has gone on record as saying "I love this city and I will not leave here for any price." Even though he shows his love of his home town the fans really don't like him. A few months later he is given an offer to move to another city. For the sake of this example he is given two million for the move. Now athlete number two has always proclaimed "I love this sport and thank the lord every day for the chance to play." He is big with the fans. One day he is given the chance to move to another team for ten million. Now out of these two who is the sell out?

While I wait for the answer please enjoy this random picture.

If you guess athlete number one then you are absolutely right. He took money and went against something that meant a lot to him. But here is the bonus round. Who do you think would be more likely to be called a sell out? If you guessed athlete number two then you would be in the money and probably being called a sell out.

Anyway that's just a little rant. If anyone does read this I would ask you to take the time and reflect. I've used this term before and I really wish I hadn't as the target didn't deserve it. I hang my head in shame. But if you really really want someone to blame for the fortune of others than I have a suggestion which I will communicate through picture.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Something Different (Warning Some Language)

I thought I would go back a little to my university days. See back then I was an angry angry young man and in some respects I'm probably still angry and young but the difference was I wrote for the university magazine. Week after week I tried to get some discussion going in my column but really all for naught as most university students were drinking themselves stupid. At one point I just really stopped caring and got some pretty weird stuff put to print. This next piece is a favorite of mine and I just wanted it put out there into the cyber world.

The Play

The smell of brimstone and the sense of fire.
Come all sinners now drawn by the playing of a lyre.
The show awaits your fragile sensibilities.
Imagination is sparked by the myriad possibilities.
Sit and be quiet for the curtains now draw.
And if you learn noting least you remember what you saw.

Curtains red like the crimson bled open to the stage. A lone woman lies still not taking in breath. A man stands above knife in hand face full of anger white knuckles clenched.

To take the life of one who could be called mother.
Is to destroy the chance of making a precious other.
Yes still we animals us noble men.
Role in our shit like pig in pen.
Call upon laws to make ourselves gods.
Yet we are nothing more than foolish clods.
Raise a fist in anger and yell till we are spent.
One day mother shall call and her rage shall vent.

Curtains close and change to blue and once again open true. The scene again set, a human dressed in a suit and pulled by strings, living puppet it sings and dances and if called to it merrily prances. Now it spouts and rants of things not of its mind.

See the puppet pulled by another master.
Through its words it changes the world that much faster.
Told to push the button flashing bright.
Told to stay while masters take flight.
We are left with an empty shell.
Guided by its words and sent to hell.
Nodding along to the puppets beat.
Puppets of the puppet we are nothing by meat.

As dependable as a good friend the curtain closes and it seems as if the show has end. But once again the colour changes to that of green but it can be seen it is not fresh as the forest but as grimy as a sewer. It opens to a scene, a pale man arms out stretched needles dug in his arm. Chained to the wall behind he yearns to be free as one lone pill lies before him a cure to his ills.

One trapped in his own prison made from addiction.
One looked down upon by those of station.
But a drug is not a drug when it is only a cure.
Makers and creators have set that lure.
When one is sick or ill they should get better or die.
But doctors sell drugs to only get you by.
There is no money in the cure of those smited.
So drain the poor those who become blighted.

The curtains close and nothing stirs.

I plead you all rest for this is an intermission.
A lesson to be learnt for those who listen.
Much to your dismay I shall be back.
Of course if you bitch and complain I may get the sack.
So to those who do not like what I have said.

So there you have it. I think each little part was related to an issue happening in Australia but for the life of me I can't remember. To steal something from the Dark Tower "the world moved on." I think the end was stupid mainly as it does not work but at the time I was just pissed off at people. I honestly wanted someone to complain just so maybe we could get some discussion happening on topics. Now I realize that causing anger does not lead to discussion but hell I wanted some reaction not just apathy. Anyway there it is may it float on the internet ever more.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just A Thought About Comics

There I was watching an awesome little web show called Atop the Fourth Wall and the host Linkara said something that got me thinking. Here is a link to his site (press here for fun). Anway he asked about what happened to comics being fun? It seems everywhere you turn things are all dark and gritty. Now I like dark and gritty and I think it has a lot to do with my favourite comic character and how I discovered him but surely there are comics out there that don't need to be changed.

I've always liked comics, I can remember being a fan of X-Men, Batman and Hulk but I didn't true lover of comics until a fateful day when I was eleven. (que flashback music) My dads work had a donation of comic books and rpg's, of course dad pulled a few strings so I could go and select a few things to take home with me. Not only on that faithful day did I grab some World of Darkness role playing books (that started something as well) but I was drawn to another comic Hellblazer issue 13, I also picked up a trade paper back calle Mythos: Final Tour. Both these comics had a character called John Constantine and I was in love. A prick who tried to do his best but while succeeding on the bigger picture would constantly lose friends and loved ones. Now this comic can get pretty dark and influenced my tastes. (Don't forget Deadpool being your second favourite character.) (Thank you yellow text.) (That's all right.)

I'm also a fan of The Boys and The Authority which has superheros (if you can call them that) killing villains left and right. I think this all leads up to the question that Linkara asks. Sometimes just people tearing each other a new one and always having dark and gritty worlds can get to people and you begin to wonder if there isn't something out there which is a little lighter. I think probably the poster boy of intriguing stories yet a fun vibe would have to go to Superman. Yeah not my cup of tea but he is so pure, noble and will always do right; it's actually refreshing. I've heard people ask if they should change it so Superman kills, but then it wouldn't be Superman. While I dig some of the darker material (loving the current X-Force run) I understand that not all characters can be this way. Superman killing people is just not right.

A character from the DC that I have a lot of time for is The Flash particularly Wally West but Barry Allen is also great and i've taken the time to read some of the back stories. My favourite stories were often those that had him teaming up with Green Lantern and those that pitted him against Professor Zoom (oh god was he a brilliant villain). Anyway if someone was to come to me and tell me that they were making a grittier Flash who now killed people or was a loner or that they were making it a grittier story like Sin City, I would cry shenanigans. That just wouldn't be the Flash in any of the incarnations.

I think the trouble comes from multiple areas. Readers who just want that one flavour that suits them over and over again. Marketers who view violence and gritty stories as the in thing and push for more of the same crap. Finally some writers who might be afraid to write the story without violence and stay true to the original vision. (mind you the last one is a tough one) Honestly I'm currently enjoying The Flash Rebirth as it's put a smile on my face and made me think of all the fun I've had with some titles. Yes I will always be a someone bent on violence and grittier titles but I know there are other things out there and will try to support comics as a whole.

In fact I might get some of my Flash stuff and have a read tonight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9 and the Mockumentry

PLOT: "It's been 28 years since the aliens made first contact, but there was never any attack from the skies, nor any profound technological revelation capable of advancing our society. Instead, the aliens were treated as refugees. In order to accommodate them, the government of South Africa set up a makeshift home in District 9 as politicians and world leaders debated how to handle the situation. As the humans begin to grow wary of the unwelcome intruders, a private company called Multi-National United (MNU) is assigned the task of controlling the aliens. When MNU field operative Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is exposed to biotechnology that causes his DNA to mutate, the tensions between the aliens and the humans intensifies. Ostracized and isolated, Wikus retreats to District 9 in a desperate bid to shake his dogged pursuers" With thanks from IMDB

REVIEW: "There are a lot of secrets in District 9." Yes there are character whose name escapes me from movie. There is also a lot of awesomeness. I think this hands done has to be the best blockbuster of the summer so far. The plot is coherent, the acting is great, I can see the action take place and I'm invested in the main character. Well done Neill Blomkamp you've made my day with this finely crafted film, also big round of applause Sharlto Copley who plays Wikus Van De Merwe the main character. He had a lot on his plate and and yet hit all the right notes. It was also great to see a movie taking place in a South Africa a country we westerners don't often see in movies.

One of the more interesting things this movie does is blend documentary footage into the main narrative. This documentary comments on the events that are happening. One of the criticisms I've heard from reviewers is that there are some shots in the movie that couldn't be done by the documentary crew. The problem is these impossible shots are not supposed to be done by the documentary crew. To make it simple there are two timelines playing out in this movie, the present which is just the standard movie and the future where people are being interviewed about the events. This could be a little confusing but I think it lends a freshness to the movie that lets it stand out, and this brings me to what I want to talk about. The mockumentary. (Mockumentary = fake documentary)

Personally I love the mockumentary and i'm always keen to see the latest Christopher Guest movie as it's guranteed to be a fun time. Who is Christopher Guest? He just happens to be the writer/director of Best In Show, A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman some of the funniest mockumentary's out there. Oh yeah he also wrote This Is Spinal Tap which in my mind is the best mockumentary out there.

So why make a movie like a documentary? Honestly I can't get the specific reasons as I'm not that bright, but I think it allows a sense of realism to be applied to situations that would be fantastical. A lot of Christopher Guest's stuff is about weird people with weird hobbies. Bring in the documentary elements especially if you're letting the actors ad lib and suddenly we can relate to these weird people making the humor funnier. I think it can also tap into the voyeuristic natures most of us have. Also as I said with District 9 it can lend a movie some freshness. Sure we've seen plenty of movies with aliens but how many documentaries? (Okay there was that fake fox special Alien Autopsy)

I don't think I can talk about mockumentaries without mentioning the Blair Witch Project. At one point in time there were people who believed that the movie was real. This had a lot to do with the marketing just look at the missing poster to the right. Pretty well thought out. But the movie itself was a very well put together mockumentary that played to its strengths. Made on the cheap it raked in the money and yet it was able to scare because it implie the horror with not actually having to show it. If this was just a cheap horror movie that didn't use the documentary style then we would of all forgotten about it. In fact I think it's safe to say that it would of never been released.

The mockumentary can be a very powerful tool if used for the right topic. Off the top of my head I don't think I can come up with a mockumentary that failed in my eyes though I'm sure there are some out there. I really hope that with District 9 making the impact that it has that we might get a few more mockumentaries that delve into some interesting territories.


Not really sure how many people read this blog if any but I've hit a dry spell and well I think I've come up with an idea on how to solve that. One of the things I wanted to avoid with this blog was reviews. Not that I have a problem with reviews just I think there are plenty of reviewers out there. But because of this dry spell I'm going to start doing mini reviews that lead to topics that I'll do a little discussion on.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practical vs CGI

The character to my left is Carl Kolchak and he's from television. Recently I got the series Kolchak: The Night Stalker and it's an awesome little show. You can see why Chris Carter was inspired by it. Maybe the biggest difference is Kolchak is more humorous then agents Scully and Mulder. But I digress from the point. What amazed me about the show was how effective it was and it only used pratical effects. Sure some make up is looking a little dated but it really tried to work with what it had and it just seemed a little spookier because what was there was really there. I for one think that movies are suffering from using too much CGI. Of course some movies do require CGI but there is just something about seeing it for real that can ellicit real emotion. Take John Carpenters The Thing, it's an older movie put the pratical special effects still stand up and make the movie that more frightning.

Moving on. I think one of the best examples of bad CGI is the recent Star Wars movies and in particular The Phantom Menace. Now I know that it seems everyone gangs up on these movies and it would seem stupid for someone to say the CGI is bad. But what I mean by bad is that it is used to excess and destroys a sense of reality. The reality of the movie can have wizards, robots etc and the special effects allow us to buy into the reality. Sometimes the overuse of CGI can take away from the emotional experience as we know what is on screen is not real. If we take the pod racing in The Phantom Menace everything is pretty much CGI except for a few headshots. A podcast I listen to regularly pretty much summed up that scene. It's an extended ad for the Pod Racing Game. I'm not going to keep this up as I still enjoyed Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. But I like muppet yoda over cgi yoda, and the scene that gets to me the most is in Return of the Jedi where Luke goes insane to try and protect his sister. All which was done without CGI.

Still CGI has allowed some movies to be made that couldn't be made normally. But for me the best of these movies are those that still combine practical and CGI, allowing the CGI to enhance than be centre stage. One of the best examples of this would have to be Lord of the Rings. If you ever have the chance going through the making of documentry's really is an eye opener. While CGI is employed a fair bit there is alot of make up work done, pratical effects like forced perspective and bigitures. What are bigitures you ask? Big ass minitures. Bascially made to look like the structures of Middle Earth so Jackson could film some scenes with out the need of CGI to make it more realistic.

Look CGI is a good thing. It has allowed for some wonderful movies to be made. I guess I just have a few questions is all. Did I Am Legend really need CGI vampires? Does a computer background have to be used for every scene? Does a lone monster killing teenagers really need that CGI edge? Does a japnese gore opus need that thirteenth spurt of CGI blood? I think on that note that's all I have to say.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cityscapes and Future Visions

I think what draws me to science fiction is the different visions of the future people have. How in a single instant you can stare at a frame of celluloid or a piece of art and get a sense where we are headed as a species. There are some classic science fiction books that can create vivid images as well. Now a lot of these books, movies and art pieces kind of reflect the future in a negative light but good or bad I dig them. Now I'm going to keep this journal entry short as I think I've made the point and really showing you some pictures that I like is going to be more productive. But I think there are a few books you should get out there and read.

Starship Troopers
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Anyway that's not the be all and end all but they are some of my favorites. Now the pictures are from a variety of sources and in my mind reflect some of the different visual ideas. I'm not going to give my thoughts on the pictures, just put them out there and you can come up with your own thoughts.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Ever since I was a little kid I've been fascinated by vampires. Recently with Twilight (and I did read the first two books) my love of vampires was slightly damaged. But god damn it I recently purchased the first season of True Blood and boom love of vampires is back. With the resurgence I thought I would take the time and look back at some of the vampires that I have loved, and what better way to begin than with the two vampires that started it all.

Duckula was a British cartoon that I watched religiously. The main character was a vampire who was a duck and through a mix up in his resurrection he is reborn as a vegetarian. Along with his two keepers Nanny and Igor this is just a really funny cartoon that started to plant the seeds for my vampire obsession. It helps that this was a spin off of another favorite cartoon of mine Danger Mouse and had a similar sense of humor, also if you can track it down the theme song it's damn catchy.

Little Dracula's First Bite was a book that my mother got for me as it was in a bargin bin. Little did she now what she was creating. The book itself has a good sense of humor but it is pretty damn dark. In it Little Dracula tries to bite his first victim but instead bites a statue. Yes there are victims in this book and slaves and torture. See what I mean by a dark story anyway these two hallmarks of vampiredom lead me to an intersting childhood story.

When I was around 5/6 years old my mum took me on a awesome trip to England to visit relatives with a short stop on the way back to America to see Disneyland and Universal Studios. At Universal Studio mum and I stopped for some lunch however I got carried away thanks to a large crowd. Lost I did the only logical thing a child could do, I went up to Frankenstein's monster and told him I lost my mother and I needed help. Staying completely in character he grabbed my hand a took me to his friend. You may recognize him.
Would you trust this man with your child?
Okay maybe not Bela Lugosi but Dracula. Also staying in character he took me to the lost and found where my mum was waiting. But let me put this in perspective of a child. DRACULA HELPED ME FIND MY MOTHER. How could I not love vampires after that. This was the final nail in the coffin and forever more was I a vampire fan.

Growing up it has always been interesting to see how Vampires changed and what media they infiltrated. Of late I tried to get into the world of Twilight and to a certain extent with the books I convinced myself I was but I realized that this is for teenage girls and the vampires I like are more in the vein (yes I know) of those from Near Dark and 30 Days of Night.

Let me introduce you to Jesse, Mae, Severen, Diamondback and Homer. These vampires are seriously screwed, vicious as hell and one of the closest nit families you will find on film. With Anne Rice being shoved down my throat and most vampires being shown in a romantic light it was great to find this movie. While I will admit there are romantic elements to the movie, especially the relationship between Mae and Caleb it really did amp up the predator side of vampires.

But when it comes to predator like vampires there is a comic which drove me completely wild. 30 Days of Night was just a great comic that used the art to excellent effect. It really envoked the predatory nature of vampires, this particular kind of vampire did not give one iota for humanity or lack there of. The movie was also great as it kept the idea behind the vampires intact and didn't try to humanise them. If I ever meet anyone who is also a big fan of vampires I recommend this immediately.

Finally I have to give a few words to Vampire The Masquerade probably my favorite role playing game produced by White Wolf. This game mines quite the history of vampires and offers players a choice of the romantic type, the predator type, the insane type, so many choices and yet it all blends together so well. It's a shame that the world was destroyed but good things can't last forever. Still long live the Malkavs.

Anyway that was just a brief look on the vampires that i've loved yet there are many many more. I would recommend the series True Blood to people cause it's bloody as hell, sexy and full of supernatural things including of course vampires. Anyway from the heights of the Transylvania Mountains to the quiet roads of Nevada I bid you good night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep it simple stupid!

This post is a reaction to Tranformers 2. If you're into movies as much as I am then you might of noticed the reviews of this movie are pretty much decrying it as a turgid piece of well you know what. I have gone through several stages kind of reminiscent of those of mourning. I've accepted the movie for what it is and am grateful that it did two things well in my mind. These being the robot fights and the dynamic between Megatron and Starscream. But thinking about it all, this could of been such a great movie if they just kept it simple. This seems to be the problem of so many movies that tred into the domain of the action, the plots are just too complicated for their own good.

My god they got Starscream right.

I won't get into the plot of Tranformers 2 as I'm sure there are people out there who haven't seen it. Needless to say the main drive of the movie is just an overcomplicated plot that at times doesn't really make any sense. A few friends have told me I'm missing the point, that this movie is just about big robot fights, fine but if that's what this movie is all about then why do we need this crappy plot that just adds time to an already long movie?

Let's move onto another adaptation that at time of writing has had three attempts to make a successful movie and I believe is an excellent example of what i'm trying to get out. Based on a Marvel comic this is the story of one man's revenge, that man is Frank Castle otherwise known as The Punisher. I mean how can people screw up this story? A man's wife and child get caught in two gangs crossfire. Man sets out to punish criminals. There done. But as we will see instead of keeping it simple the makers over complicate story destroy the movies.

Strike 1: In 1984 the first Punisher movie was made with Dolph Lundgren and we really can't blame Dolph for this mess. Lets look at the plot. The Punisher is killing all the bad people which causes Gianni Franco a mobster to try and unify the remnants. Now lets stop there. Already we can have a decent movie which focuses on The Punisher maybe trying to destroy the remnants of the mobsters with a final battle with Gianni. This doesn't happen thought. We have the Yakuza also coming in trying to take over the city seeming the mob is so weak. It tries to gain control by kidnapping the children of the mobsters. Enter The Punisher who must now save the loved ones of those who killed his. You know if they were good writers they might of gotten away with this added complication, but really why? Why did they need this extra little bit to the story? Sure I get it but sometimes less is more. I'm not going to a Punisher movie for a dramatic look at how the soul of a man can still find redemption. I just need a simple plot that holds the action scenes together.

Strike 2: The second attempt at the story was in 2004 and starred Thomas Jane and John Travolta. Now I like this movie a little bit but it still isn't the best. Really the only reason to see this movie is Thomas Jane as he's pretty much on the money as The Punisher, Mr Travolta as Howard Saint is a bit of a bust. However on to the plot. This time around Howard Saint is the man first seeking revenge as his son dies in a botched undercover sting that of course Frank Castle was helping on. Que Howard Saint having Frank Castle's entire family killed, and I mean everyone. Father, mother, cousin, nephew, brother in law, next door neighbour, pool cleaner. It's ridiculous, why do they need to emphasise this with the entire family, are we that desensitized? Call me old fashioned but having a child and wife killed is pretty much enough for me to get on board. Anyway I went off on a tangent. Frank Castle survies, becomes The Punisher and decides to exact revenge in one of the most stupidest ways. The Punishers plan is apply pressure on Howard Saint so that he snaps and does most of the killing. The biggest flaw is that this intricate plan for vengeance doesn't allow for much action, which is a problem in an action movie. The only time it really amps up is when a mercenary called The Russian is sent to kill The Punisher, the only problem is that if Howard Saint knows where The Punisher is then why just send one man? How about one man with a rocket launcher cause as the beginning suggests Howard Saint isn't a man who does things by halves. HE KILLED THE FAMILY PETS AS WELL. Why couldn't you have The Punisher shooting his way to the top? I mean lets face it the 1984 version didn't do that so you would be covering new ground. SIGH

Strike 3: Done in 2008 this little chestnut skipped cinemas in some countries and went straight to DVD. Already you can smell the class. Now it's unfair for me to give too much crap as I haven't watched the movie in full, but i've seen some scenes and from that i'm wary to actually hunt this down on dvd. But there is one thing I want to touch upon. In this version they actually go to the comics and bring in one of Punishers big foes Jigsaw. While it's always nice for an adaptation of comics to stick to the source I really think maybe they should of tried to make a good movie with normal foes before they get into the crazy. Oh well lets up Punisher 4 in 2012 is good.

So anyway maybe all this talk boils down to the fact that a revenge movie just can't work on celluoid. Or maybe that's just crap. I have two words for the people, DEATH WISH. Yes that's right Mr Bronson made a great movie, a great revenge movie. To move it back to action movies, in 2007 Shoot em Up was released and it was pretty good. This had a simple plot that really just moved the action from scene to scene. It didn't try to be anything more. Anway i've typed a bit so lets sum this up.

Forget action movies lets moves this to movies in general. Sometimes a movie can be simple and still be successful. You don't to have throw everything into a script. I do think that maybe people are affraid of making a something that is just entertaining but not deep. Also I think that sometimes you don't need to constantly have the world in danger to grab the audience you can make a small movie and still get that audience. The evidence is all around, or maybe that's just me, damn I have too many dvds.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Southland Tales

"This is the way the world ends. Not with a whimper but with a bang."

Rotten Tomatoes gives this film 36% fresh which is pretty damn low. A lot of the complaints leveled at it are how messy it is, how it tries to juggle too many themes but never really concentrates on one message. Yet there is another general feeling one can get from the reviews, that only a movie this messy could come from someone with talent. Enter Richard Kelly the man behind Donnie Darko which is a brilliant film about destiny, family, sacrifice and time travel. This movie was confusing yet seemed to keep on track thanks to wonderful performances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone and a real grounding thanks to the family dynamic. Southland Tales was to be the big follow up and yet people turned against the man.

Now with that little intro out of the way let me just say I LOVE SOUTHLAND TALES. This would be in my top ten movies and it has pretty much made me a follower of Richard Kelly for life. I will give any movie of his a chance just so I can hopefully see another movie of his that can capture the visual poetry of Southland Tales.

Why does this movie speak to me?

I could go on about acting, etc but really for me it's all Richard Kelly. The future he presents isn't that far from our own, it's an exaggeration of our reality and highlights some of the worst aspects of who we are. Apathy, anger, paranoia, fear. The villains presented in this movie are all too human and the heroes all too flawed. This is the end of the world and we don't really notice at all as it all ticks away.

Really this movie is damn ambitious and I don't think I can argue that it isn't a mess, but I don't think every movie has to move from a to b, and more importantly not every movie has to make sense. When I was at university there were so many artistic movies that were praised but didn't have much structure it was all about the emotions they could illicit. There is structure to Southland Tales but for me what I feel when watching the movie more than makes up for the mess. If a movie can wrap me up in some serious emotions and make me think about important themes then hasn't it succeeded?

People didn't come gunning for Kelly when they watched this movie but I don't think they really gave it a chance. I do hope that in a few years time maybe new eyes can come back to Southland Tales and really appreciate it for what it is. There are a lot of things happening in this presented world and so there are a lot of things happening in the movie, but don't you find it funny that world is still just moving on business as usual? Isn't it weird horrible things are happening yet there seems to be a general apathy in the society portrayed in the movie? Maybe the mess is the message or maybe i'm reading too much into it but I would recommend people giving the movie a shot.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the party is over. Have a nice apocalypse. "

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wrestling Isn't Fake!!!!

Okay I know what the title says but yes I know wrestling is fake but damn do I love it. Fun story lines, fun gimmicks and its just a great thing to watch while chilling out. Now in the world of wrestling there are two men that I greatly admire. One I would class as a hero of mine, the other is just a bright light in the current industry. I'll start with the bright light.

Mike Quackenbush: This man is just a great wrestler, there hasn't been a single match i've seen him in that has bored me. Just the stuff he comes up with is always exciting. He is a great speaker, athletic and intelligent. He also is in the independant circuit and you won't catch him on WWE or TNA, which is a bonus as if he wasn't allowed his creative freedom then you wouldn't see his excellence. Everything that i've heard about him is a positive and unlike some professional wrestlers he will actually put over young talent. Excuse me for a moment.


There I have that out of my system. In 2002 he created Chikara, an independat wrestling fed that has family appeal yet also offers some of the most innovative wrestling i've ever seen. Yes it may not be on television but it beats Vince McMahons WWE in everyway that is important. My hat goes off to this man as whenever some horrible crap is pulled off in WWE or TNA I turn to Chikara and see how wrestling should be.

Mick Foley: He isn't the prettiest, he isn't that athletic, he doesn't have his own federation and people could say he's made some bad decisions but damn it he has heart and he has been able to touch fans with not only what he has done in the ring but also with his writing.

Mick is a hero of mine and his writing is something I always go back to when i'm feeling down. Every success he has earned, and he has shed a lot of blood for his fans. Reading his autobiography he has a great sense of humor and can readily make fun of himself. He has reached many highs (was a WWE Champion) and I can remember when he first captured the WWE Champion title I was cheering as only a kid can do. I think the other thing that I love about him is that if you take a look at some of his matches, especially his ECW and Japanese matches you learn that wrestling isn't as fake as some people believe. Mick has the scars to prove it.

Well that's the two men I admire the most in the world of wrestling. I probably will touch more on wrestling as the blog progresses but I know it's not everyones cup of tea. Also speaking of people I admire in wrestling I don't think I can end this without at least mentioning Victoria. Her real name is Lisa Marie Varon, she wrestled as Victoria on WWE and is now wrestling as Tara on TNA. Now I won't go into her too much as I don't want to be considered a stalker or crazy person but not only is she attractive, not only can she wrestle but she is funny as hell. Her genius knows no bounds. I'll enter the next picture as evidence. Just awesome. See everyone next time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Good Direction To Start

To get a start on this whole blog thing, I thought I would take a look at a Director that I greatly admire and would class as a hero of mine. If you haven't guessed from the photo to the left, that director is Frank Darabont.

Before he became a director he was a screenwriter for Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Fly 2 and The Blob remake. Already at that point I was drawn to his work as I liked The Fly 2 (though nothing can touch Cronenberg), Elm Street 3 is my favourite of the series and I had nightmares as a small child thanks to the Blob remake.

However it was a film he wrote and directed that cemented him as someone who through artistic means could touch me. That movie was of course The Scrimshaw Redemption, um sorry, The Shawshank Redemption. It was a movie that touched many people and was not only a brilliant jail movie but a touching story of two friends. Other movies to his credit are the Green Mile, The Majestic and a movie that completely carved me up inside The Mist.

A little on The Mist. Being older i've grown to appreciate not only the story in the movie but the story of how the movie is made. Listening to Mr Darabont you really get the sense that here is a man who is in love with what he does and with genre pictures. When people come up to me and scoff at horror movies Frank Darabont is someone I point to so they will shut up. The Mist is made with passion behind it, a love a creepy icky monsters and a focused mind that builds upon a simple premise with thought provoking themes.

Finally everytime i've heard the man speak he comes across very intelligent but yet not up himself. He loves what he does, he has his views on the industry and he is able to appreciate movies in all their forms.

Anyway there you have it. This is pretty much what my blog will be. Just a place I can talk about the things I love and hopefully share that love with others.